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In showdown with Army Corps of Engineers over Pebble Mine, EPA blinks

The U.S. EPA has backed down from a confrontation with the Army Corps of Engineers over the proposed Pebble Mine

Foes of Pebble Mine lose a round in court

The case is about the EPA's so-called “pre-emptive veto” of the Pebble Mine. A judge ruled the EPA has the authority to withdraw it.

Behind the scenes, Pebble leaned on Dunleavy, pleading for its survival

Publicly, Pebble CEO Tom Collier radiates confidence about his company. His emails to the governor's office tell a different story.
Two activists hold anti-Pebble Mine posters in a back row of the Wendy Williamson Auditorium during an EPA public comment meeting on the Draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment.

Corps won’t require more fieldwork for final Pebble mine report

Other agencies have said the Corps of Engineer's environment review of the Pebble project lacks critical information. The Corps says it will delay its final report for three months to write more thorough answers.

Pebble foes ‘appalled’ Dunleavy sent a letter the mining company wrote for him

Dunleavy spokesman Jeff Turner said it's common practice for an administration to request "briefing materials" about particular projects.

Pebble’s owner reports growing deficit and doubts about its future. Again.

A spokesman says Pebble remains confident. The parent company says it's lost $40 million so far this year, and has a deficit over $400 million.

At Pacific Marine Expo, Pebble worries dominate discussion

Over 500 vendors exhibited at the 2019 Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle in late November — the place to be for commercial fishermen, processors and small businesses.

A new tool puts proposed Pebble Mine critiques all in one place

There is a new tool aimed at making critiques of the Pebble Project’s draft environmental review more accessible.

‘You’re not listening to the science’: Pebble Mine fight aired at US House hearing

For Alaskans opposed to the Pebble Mine, a hearing in the U.S. House Wednesday was an opportunity to raise the issue on a national stage, and to ask Congress to stop the proposed gold and copper mine upstream from Bristol Bay.

Pebble pays more than $1M to hire well-connected DC lobbyists

Pebble Limited Partnership has spent a fortune to hire some of Washington's most influential insiders as lobbyists. The mine's opponents are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, too.

Environmental group wants SEC to investigate Pebble Mine developer for insider trading

An environmental group is warning federal regulators about a series of stock trades and communication centered around the company attempting to develop the Pebble Mine.

A second set of Pebble Mine opponents to sue the EPA

Area of the proposed Pebble Mine. (Jason Sear) A coalition of groups that oppose the Pebble Mine has...

Pebble opponents sue Trump administration over EPA reversal

They are challenging EPA’s decision this summer to throw out what some saw as a “preemptive veto” of the proposed copper and gold mine, claiming the agency did not properly justify the decision.

BBNC says Dunleavy support for Pebble ‘inappropriate’

Gov. Mike Dunleavy sent a letter to Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation, a potential investor with the proposed Pebble Mine — executives with Bristol Bay Native Corporation call it "inappropriate."

Alaska lawmakers, Native group join dispute over Pebble mine

The Anchorage Daily News reported Monday that Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy wrote a July letter supporting investment in the Pebble Mine by Wheaton Precious Metals.

Dunleavy sends letter encouraging potential Pebble investor

Officially, Gov. Dunleavy is neutral on the Pebble mine. But a letter he wrote to a potential investor in the controversial project calls his neutrality into question.

Will EPA veto Pebble? Boss of agency says it’s not his call

During a recent trip to Alaska, the head of the EPA spoke on several topics, but he said nothing about the hottest topic involving the EPA and Alaska: the proposed Pebble Mine.

Northern Dynasty stock jumps after EPA withdraws proposed Pebble restrictions

The company responsible for Pebble Mine saw a 60% surge in share price on the heels of the EPA's update.
Sockeye salmon like these tend to use many different parts of the Bristol Bay watershed during their adolescence, according to a recent study. (CREDIT JASON CHING / UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON)

This time, EPA decision has Pebble mine developers cheering

The EPA has thrown out a proposal launched during the Obama administration that some called a "pre-emptive" veto of the mine. It's a procedural decision that has bad implications for mine opponents.

Murkowski finds EPA criticism of Pebble Mine ‘substantial’

The Environmental Protection Agency issued harsh assessments of the proposed Pebble Mine last week, and they've made an impression on Lisa Murkowski.