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Advocates for mental health say talking is the first step to healing | Alaska Insight

Understanding and discussing the complexities of mental health and wellbeing isn’t easy. Finding ways to open up about who we are and what we struggle with is critical to getting help.

Line One: Vaccine access for the disabled community

More than two years into the pandemic, vaccines are widely available and most health measures have been lifted. But there are still Alaskans who have difficulty accessing vaccines or who have continued health risk in spite of them.

Talk of Alaska: Collaborative project Permafrost Pathways tackles a thawing Arctic

Our polar position means the effects of increasing temperatures are creating problems for coastal and Interior communities. New tools for measuring carbon emissions from melting permafrost could change future cap and trade policies.
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Alaska law enforcement and health professionals take on fentanyl | Alaska Insight

Lori Townsend speaks to U.S. Attorney John Kuhn and Epidemiology Specialist Jessica Filley about the dangers of fentanyl and the work being done to help Alaskans find treatment for addiction.
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Talk of Alaska: Confronting Alaska’s high rate of violence against women

Two councils recently established by Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s office are tasked with addressing missing and murdered Indigenous people and human and sex trafficking.
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SPECIAL Talk of Alaska: Talkeetna community members discuss social isolation

The pandemic brought on a level of loneliness that many of us haven’t encountered before. Even two years in, we’re just beginning to understand how our communities and relationships have been affected.

Line One: Moms Matter Now supports mothers before and after pregnancy

Motherhood is an amazing and incredibly challenging time, but few people talk about the emotional and psychological transition.
a Covid-19 swab specialist in medical gown, face mask, and face shield prepares to swab a traveler

Talk of Alaska: Managing COVID two years in

Will cases spike in coming weeks? What do Alaskans need to know to help keep infection rates down? Alaska’s top doctors help to clarify the way forward.
An Alaska Native woman smiles while a drum circle is happening.

I am an Alaska Native Healer | INDIE ALASKA

Amelia Simeonoff helps others heal their traumas with ancient Indigenous practices.

Talk of Alaska: Breaking the cycle of removal for Black and Indigenous children

Alaska Native and Black children are significantly overrepresented in our state’s foster care system. A recent study found they make up 65% of those in foster homes.
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Alaska kids’ COVID vaccination rates remain low. Pediatricians say misinformation is the challenge.

“A lot of people like to consult Dr. Google,” said an Anchorage pediatrician. “That can cause a lot of problems.”
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Housing providers search for solutions to overcrowding in rural Alaska | Alaska Insight

Alaska Insight host, Lori Townsend, talks to experts about rural housing challenges.
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Talk of Alaska: The crisis in Alaska’s foster care system

Alaska’s foster care system has long been challenged by a need for more case workers and foster families, but now the lack of social workers and willing caretakers has reached a crisis level.
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COVID cases in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta are soaring as Alaska’s cases fall

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta case rate remains higher than both that of the state and the nation.
woman stands at podium that says "violence against women Act" other women behind her.

Senators offer bill to renew Violence Against Women Act, with a section honoring an Alaska murder victim

Angelina Jolie lent her star power to a bill in the U.S. Senate to renew the Violence Against Women Act.
A white and blue sign outside of a multi-story white and blue medical building.

Former PeaceHealth nurses accuse hospital system of culture of retaliation against employees

It’s not the first time PeaceHealth Ketchikan Medical Center has been scrutinized by federal labor officials for allegedly retaliating against its workforce. The hospital was accused of violating federal labor laws on retaliation four times in 2015.
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Talk of Alaska: State and local partners on coordinating disaster response

This winter has seen a series of extreme weather events in regions throughout the state. How are local governments planning for a future where climate related threats are more intense and what kind of relief is available to help communities recover?
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Talk of Alaska: Health experts address omicron surge questions

The omicron variant surge in Alaska is once again putting health care resources under strain, but not in the same way as last fall’s delta surge.
a Covid-19 swab specialist in medical gown, face mask, and face shield prepares to swab a traveler

As COVID cases skyrocket, Alaska health officials closely watch hospitalizations, staffing

In the last week, the coronavirus’s omicron variant has pushed Alaska’s daily case counts higher than the fall delta variant surge and sidelined health care workers at an alarming rate.
An emergency sign outside a hospital.

More Alaska health care workers are out sick or in quarantine as omicron hits

The head of the Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association says it’s unclear whether omicron will cause as many hospitalizations as delta did. But, already, it's forcing health care workers off the front lines.