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Three students in front of yellow lockers

Health authority recommends masking most Y-K community schools

Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation is recommending that students and staff practice universal masking if less than 70% of the entire community is fully vaccinated or if there are any active local cases of COVID-19.

LISTEN: The future of Native education

Lorina Warren teaches her Yup'ik immersion kindergarten class (Photo by Wesley Early, Alaska Public Media - Anchorage) Stories...
Eagle feathers stuck in a law in front of a white building

LISTEN: Confronting the legacy of boarding schools in Alaska

The recent discovery of the remains of more than 200 Indigenous children at a residential school in Canada has prompted discussion, grief and memories of past trauma here in Alaska, where thousands of Native children were sent to boarding schools in and outside the state.
A sign that says Alaska Native Medical Center

50 years of data show cancer still leading cause of death for Alaska Natives

A new study from Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium shows that cancer rates among Alaska Native people have gone up over the last half-century. Researchers say the data points to opportunities for prevention.

After rabid foxes found, YKHC urges rabies vaccines for pets

After foxes recently tested positive for rabies in three different YK Delta communities, people should be ready to seek medical attention if they — or their pets — are bitten or scratched.
Two women in a grassy bluff

Mekoryuk likely first Alaska community to reach 100% vaccination against COVID-19

The community has had less than 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and no one has died from the virus.
A green field and a red building

Western Alaska village puts up vaccine requirement to enter store

Around the same time that the Bethel fitness center reopened to fully vaccinated individuals, Kongiganak started allowing only fully vaccinated people into stores and businesses.
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Savoonga woman joins White House council on environmental justice

Viola Waghiyi of Savoonga is one of the 26 members chosen for a new White House advisory council on environmental justice. The council will give advice and recommendations on how to address current and historic environmental injustices across the United States.
A baby swaddled in a blanket

More babies are being born too early in Alaska, health department says

In 2019, almost 1 in 10 births in Alaska was preterm. That’s as high as it’s been in the last two decades. Preterm birth and low birth weight can cause infant death or developmental problems.
A boy with dark glasses and a white hospital gown with wires on his chest

Petersburg sets aside differences for 13-year-old battling cancer

The community raised tens of thousands of dollars for a local 13-year-old who was fighting cancer in a Seattle Hospital,

Dozens of homes, water treatment plant are without power in Selawik

As of Tuesday morning, 150 homes, an apartment complex and the water treatment plant were without power.

In a single day, Dillingham clinic vaccinates almost 20 percent of community

Almost twenty percent of Dillingham was vaccinated against COVID-19 last Saturday alone.
A health worker in a blue gown swabs travelers waiting in line outside the bethel airport

With quarter of population vaccinated, COVID-19 cases in Southwest Alaska on decline

After months with some of the highest COVID-19 case rates in the country, the Y-K Delta is finally seeing a decline in cases.
A woman holds a bby inn a hospital bed

To protect her community, St. Paul mom isolated for 10 weeks before having twins in Anchorage

Alaska women who live in rural and remote communities usually travel to city centers to give birth against incredible geographical odds.
Black smoke biillows from the skeleton of a building in a snowy parea

3 weeks later, Tuluksak is without running water or disaster relief

On Jan. 16, a fire in Tuluksak destroyed the village’s washateria and water plant building, which was their only source of...
A man and two infants stand outside a glass window with a woman inside holding a baby

‘Most mothers don’t have to deal with this’: COVID-19 makes medical travel for pregnant women even harder

Alaska women who live in rural and remote communities usually travel to city centers to give birth — against incredible geographical odds. And now, COVID-19 has made a hard trip even more daunting.

After more than half of Bethel students fail their classes, some parents urge reopening schools

Parents are becoming increasingly distressed about their children’s education during the pandemic after more than half of students failed their classes during the last semester, according to a report from the school district.
An Alaskan Native fmily inside a house

Sinkhole opens under Chefornak home, forcing family to evacuate

In Chefornak, a family was forced to evacuate their home because a sinkhole caused by thawing permafrost formed underneath it. That family had to move into a building intended to be a quarantine facility.
A selfie of two Alaska Native women, one older one younger

‘She’s been through a pandemic before’: Bethel elder who had COVID-19 is one of the first to get vaccine

Yukon-Kuskokwim Elder’s Home resident Xenia Jackson worked through tuberculosis outbreaks as a health aide. Now she's one of the first in the region to be fully immunized against COVID-19.
Peoplpe gather around a burning building in a snowy area

No easy answers after fire destroys Tuluksak’s water supply

The temporary well being used at the school pulls up water from the Tuluksak River, which isn’t safe to drink.