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Port Alexander water tank at ‘imminent’ risk of failure

Without at least $1 million in upgrades, the aging water system in Port Alexander risks failure — perhaps catastrophically.

Alaska’s heath care workforce shortage threatens the growing industry. How are communities working to meet the demand?

Alaska's health care industry is growing, and the need for nurses and other health care professionals is on the rise. Studies warn of a looming nursing shortage. How are communities around the state working to meet the healthcare workforce demand?

Shaktoolik reinforces protective berm, but it may not be enough to keep stormwater away

Norton Sound storms have caused large chunks of the berm to erode this year, necessitating emergency repairs.

Dunleavy pursuing educational compact with Alaska tribes

Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s administration plans to introduce legislation during the next session that will create the possibility of an educational compact between the Alaska Board of Education, tribes and local school districts.

Salmon returns are down in Metlakatla. These junior scientists are discovering possible reasons why.

Ocean temperatures were well above average for much of Alaska this year, spawning questions about how warm water and abnormally dry conditions could affect salmon returns. In Metlakatla, a group of young scientists are logging their own data to better understand the future they’re inheriting.

LISTEN: Spanish flu devastated rural Alaska in 1918. Are we better prepared for a pandemic 100 years later?

The 1918 viral pandemic known as the Spanish flu, killed millions worldwide and devastated rural communities in Alaska. 100 years later, what did pathologists learn from that outbreak and how prepared are we to handle a fast moving infectious disease today?

Feds to change food assistance rules, providers worry more Alaskans will go hungry

Those affected by the changes could include Alaskans living in rural communities with weak cash economies and few jobs, and people experiencing homelessness, mental illnesses, substance abuse disorders and more.

A Northwest Arctic Borough program cut water bills by about two thirds, but one village says it doesn’t need the help

The program is a partnership between the borough, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and Maniilaq Association to bring local communities in compliance with state criteria for water utilities.

State moves forward with plans to address PFAS contamination in Dillingham

An Anchorage-based consulting firm tested five of six contaminated wells south of the Dillingham airport — it's now moving forward on the next phase of a potential long-term solution.

Broadband will open a host of opportunities for work, health and education in Yakutat, tribe says

The project is called NICEY — that’s an acronym for New Internet Communications for Everyone in Yakutat. The goal is to do just that — connect the town to better internet and cell phone service.

LISTEN: The Nov. 30 earthquake, one year later: what did we learn?

It's been a year since the largest earthquake to shake Alaska since 1964 hit the Southcentral region. Even with millions of dollars in destruction happening in seconds, no one was killed. Was it building codes, epicenter location or just luck?

Mulchatna caribou conservation efforts are just beginning, manager says

A call-in radio show hosted by Bethel-based KYUK gave local subsistence users and federal managers a chance to share local knowledge of the Mulchatna caribou and to discuss how federal authorities plan to manage the hunt.

New report sheds more light on climate change impacts to Alaska Native villages

A recent report compiled by the Army Corps of Engineers and researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks documents erosion and other environmental threats facing communities in rural Alaska.

LISTEN: What should the future of Alaska’s government look like? AFN has a few ideas.

The Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention theme last month was Good Government-Alaskan Driven. How does AFN leadership see their role in driving political change and how do they work with tribal leaders to accomplish it?

Metlakatla, which depends on water, has moved quickly to accommodate the realities of drought

Following a season of drought, the Southeast Alaska community of Metlakatla is navigating a different relationship with water, like a number of other places in the region.

Metlakatla adapts to drought with grassroots conservation efforts

When you think of extremely dry conditions, California wildfires probably come to mind....

LISTEN: Toxic algae emerges as possible suspect in some Alaska animal die-offs

A possible emerging, contributing factor to animal die-offs on Alaska's coasts that researchers are looking at is toxic algae, blooming farther north.

Bacteria levels high at Ketchikan beaches, shellfish harvest sites this summer

A dozen common shellfish harvest sites and recreational beaches in the Ketchikan area exceeded safe bacteria levels at least once this summer, according to a coalition of groups that monitor water quality.