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All but 6 Bethel city employees got vaccinated before deadline

The city of Bethel’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate took effect on Sept. 27, and five city employees are set to be fired for refusing to get vaccinated. One unvaccinated police officer received a religious exemption.
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Alaska reports 10 more resident COVID deaths

The ten deaths have occured since August.

Tribal and environmental advocates celebrate the first water flow down the Eklutna River in decades

For more than 60 years, the Eklutna River north of Anchorage had been dammed up, stifling the salmon runs that fed generations of Dena'ina people in the area. The lower dam on the river was removed in 2018, and earlier this month, tribal and environmental advocates witnessed the first water to flow down the river in decades.
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Alaska’s North Slope grapples with soaring COVID-19 infection rate, low vaccinations

While the North Slope Borough's rate of vaccination for COVID-19 is on par with Anchorage, it's far behind that of other comparable, rural areas off the road system.
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Alaska reports thousands more COVID cases over the weekend, additional deaths from backlog

If it were its own country, Alaska would rank second for its 7-day average of daily infections per capita behind Grenada, according to data compiled by the New York Tim.

Alaskans have until Friday to apply for pandemic rental assistance

Renters who make 80% or less of area median income for their community are eligible for rental assistance until Friday, Oct. 1.
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Pollock fishery may be cause of decline in Bering Sea fur seals, study says

Alaska’s huge commercial pollock fishery harvests the same species that nursing female seals rely on to feed their pups.

Alaska reports more than 1,700 cases and dozens of deaths from backlog

The state of Alaska, contending with the nation’s highest rate of COVID-19, reported a new single-day case record Friday, plus dozens of deaths over the past few months that were linked to the coronavirus.
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The quality of care is falling in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta as cases surge statewide

Alaska is reporting the highest COVID-19 case rate per capita of any state, according to the New York Times tracker. The statewide surge in cases is straining resources and staff, causing patients to receive a lower quality of care than before the surge.

Alaska Medevac planes are flying recovering COVID patients from urban hospitals to smaller ones

To make room for critically ill patients at Anchorage's overloaded hospitals amid Alaska's largest surge in COVID-19, medevac planes are sometimes flying in reverse: moving still-hospitalized but recovering patients from Anchorage back to rural areas.
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In ERs and public meetings, Alaskans rage at health care workers trying to stem COVID spread

Alaskans have been "belligerent, disrespectful, very, very aggressive" to contract tracers, says a public health nurse manager. They've followed nurses to yell at them.

Alaska reports record 1,330 new COVID cases and 7 deaths

Alaska on Thursday reported another daily record for new coronavirus cases, and it also recorded seven new deaths and a nearly 5% jump in hospitalizations as the state contends with its worst COVID-19 surge so far.

Low teenage turnout for vaccine increases COVID case rate in Alaska

We’re a month into the school year and Alaska is experiencing peak Covid-19 cases and a hospital system at max capacity. Alaska Public Media’s Jeff Chen looks at how low teenage turnout for the Covid vaccine increases case rates in Alaska.
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St. Paul island has recorded just 2 COVID cases since the pandemic started

A city official says the island’s high vaccination rate and strict protocols, like mandatory testing, have kept the virus from spreading.
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Alaska Native graduate program aims to elevate Indigenous knowledge in fisheries research

It's called Tamamta, a Yup'ik and Sugpiaq word that means "all of us" or "we", and it's part of UAF's College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.
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400 health care workers on their way to help fight Alaska’s COVID-19 surge

Gov. Mike Dunleavy painted a stark picture of the state’s COVID-19 woes as a surge in cases of the Delta variant put hospitals in crisis mode.

Inside of Alaska Native Medical Center’s ICU, doctors and nurses fight to keep COVID patients alive

Nurses at ANMC say aside from long hours and the emotional toll of seeing Alaskans dying from the coronavirus, they’re also dealing with people doubting their intentions.
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Faced with dozens of open jobs, Lower Kuskokwim schools look outside the U.S. for teachers

This year was the first time the Lower Kuskokwim School District recruited and hired teachers from outside of the United States. It had dozens of open jobs in the months leading up to the school year, and the pandemic made a tough hiring market even more difficult.

Unvaccinated Bethel city employees demand more time to consider vaccine mandate

City of Bethel employees have a week to either get their first COVID-19 vaccine dose or get fired. Most city employees are already vaccinated; less than 15% are not. Part of the unvaccinated minority is demanding more time and more education to learn about the vaccine. 
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Alaska’s largest hospital expects health care rationing to last weeks

Dr. Kristen Solana Walkinshaw, chief of medical staff at Providence Alaska Medical Center, says the hospital is likely to continue on its crisis footing for at least another two weeks.