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Sailing into retirement

What’s your retirement fantasy? How about sailing from Alaska to Mexico and exploring the warm waters there? On the next Outdoor Explorer, we'll feature a couple who did just that, sailed away the day after finishing work, and returned back into port in Alaska four years later. Along the way, they tested their boat and their marriage. And they came back with the stories and experiences of a lifetime. It's an inspiring tale you won't want to miss. Thanks for listening!

Sailing the Northwest Passage

KSKA: Thursday, Jan. 12, at 2:00 p.m. On Outdoor Explorer, we're fortunate to meet some of the world’s most amazing people, and that was especially true when Dario Schwoerer was in town to talk about his 100,000-mile sailboat voyage. On our next show we'll hear from Dario about his amazing family, some scary moments they've endured, and their hopes for our planet. LISTEN NOW


When you think of sailing, maybe you think of multi-million-dollar America’s cup yachts, or rich guys in blue blazers sipping cocktails. But Alaskans sail, too, and we do it the Alaskan way, out in beautiful places where getting around by the power of the wind is fun, interesting, and makes a lot of sense. Our topic is sailing, from ocean cruising to lake sailing, and even sailing with radio controlled model boats in local ponds. KSKA: Thursday 8/1 at 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm Listen Now