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USS Anchorage: Tours and More

The USS Anchorage arrived in it's namesake city, yesterday (Wednesday). Several events are taking place leading up to a commissioning ceremony for the ship on Saturday. Listen Now.

Resource Policy Trip to Norway Expenses Exceed 90,000

The state has paid more than $91,600 in expenses for lawmakers who attended a recent policy tour in Norway.

Alaska’s New Crime Lab

Double click photo for captions or to enlarge. Monday, Aug. 22 @ 1:00 pm & Saturday Aug. 27 at 6:30 pm The Alaska Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory is located in Anchorage, but its mission is to serve police departments and trooper stations across the state. On A Closer Look, KSKA’ s Len Anderson takes us on an audio tour of the new state Scientific Crime Detection Laboratory under construction and set for completion in June, 2012.

Chefs Tour Alaska to Spread Alaska Seafood Market

In an effort to diversify Alaskan seafood’s marketing base to include countries other than Japan, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is running a two week tour of the state for chefs!

Gov. Palin Continues Last Tour of State

Gov. Sarah Palin is touring the state in her final days in office. In the last few weeks, she's visited Kotzebue and Fairbanks to...