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Running water is coming to all of Lower Kalskag

For residents, the infrastructure expansion means better health outcomes, less time spent hauling water and more time doing other things — like moose hunting.

Bristol Bay is outgrowing its wastewater infrastructure. Could a fish tax help fix it?

The controversial tax could generate about $3.5 million a year — but processors and fishermen say it would stress the industry even more.
Seldovia, AK. (Photo via KBBI - Homer)

Seldovia’s water supply returns to normal

While the city’s reservoir has returned to a healthy level, residents and businesses are still trying to repair the damage and plan for the future.

Nanwalek residents worry ‘if this is the future of no water’

The Kenai Peninsula village is one of six Alaska communities that have dealt with water shortages this summer, a season of record heat and dryness.
Seldovia, AK. (Photo via KBBI - Homer)

Alaska communities used to have plenty of fresh water. Then came severe drought

After an unprecedented summer drought drained reservoirs and wells across Alaska, hundreds of people face immediate water shortages — and lingering questions about the future.

Nanwalek is rapidly running out of water

A Kenai Peninsula village is rapidly running out of water. Low snowpack and little rainfall has led Nanwalek to declare a water emergency.

Water shortage looms in Chignik Lagoon

A boil water notice has been in effect since July 2. As of Thursday, residents had only 5,000 gallons of drinkable water left.
Wrangell’s mayor. Steve Prysunka. circulated this image on social media. It shows the lack of water running into Wrangell’s reservoirs. (Photo Courtesy of City of Wrangell)

Rain a respite for Southeast water conservation measures

“If you've got to wash your car, wash your boat, please feel free to do that while the reservoirs are spilling over right now,” Wrangell City Manager Lisa Von Bargen says.

In a rainforest, Southeast Alaska towns face extreme drought

Believe it or not… one of the worst droughts in the nation is in Southeast Alaska. That’s according to federal meteorologists.

Governor’s top staff directed Alaska’s rollback of PFAS regulations

The Dunleavy administration’s decision to defer to the EPA over safe levels of PFAS chemicals in drinking water came at the direction of the governor’s top aides. That’s according to dozens of redacted emails released following records requests.

Yakutat officials in the dark over PFAS contamination

Yakutat is a coastal community of 600 people halfway between Anchorage and Juneau. (CoastAlaska file photo) State officials...

Annual volunteer effort to clean up Anchorage waterways commences

Anchorage's citywide creek cleanup started Thursday as volunteers began picking up what - each year - amounts to hundreds of pounds of often muddy and wet trash from waterways.

Dissent at DEC emerges over roll-back of PFAS regulations

The Dunleavy administration’s decision to redefine PFAS levels considered safe in drinking water has caused dissension among a senior staffer working on contaminated sites. Lawmakers are scheduled to hold a hearing on the issue later this week.

Diomede’s outdated water system recovers only partially after failure; residents make do with snow melt and run-off

Officials say a myriad of issues — including rust buildup in the water storage tank, an outdated pressure pump and a failed heating system — caused Diomede's water system to stop working earlier this month.

Elim without potable water; boil notice issued

The community of Elim is going into its fourth day without running water, following more than a day without power over the weekend. And as of Tuesday, the state issued a boil-water notice for the Norton Sound coastal community.

State dials back PFAS response standard

The state has rolled back a stricter PFAS drinking water contamination standard, and suspended development of new regulations for the chemicals.

AK: Sludge, scum and grit take toll on Sitka’s aging wastewater facility

Ever wonder what happens when you flush? At Sitka’s wastewater treatment plant, a $10 million dollar revitalization project is in the works for the facility that was built almost 40 years ago.

Public divided over process for establishing federal water quality protections

Several communities across Alaska have nominated their local waters for a federal Tier 3 designation, which is the Environmental Protection Agency’s highest water quality standard.

AK: What happens when a community gets running water? People get healthier

What’s it like to go from hauling all your water and sewer to one day being able to turn on the faucet and flush a toilet? In Eek, a multi-year project is wrapping up bringing running water to the community for the first time.

Sludge, scum and grit take toll on Sitka’s aging wastewater facility

What happens when we flush? Here’s why Sitka officials are pitching a multimillion-dollar revitalization project for the city’s nearly 40-year-old wastewater facility.