School Renovations Depend on Prop 1

Image from Google Street View.
Image from Google Street View.

Proposition 1 is an education bond that would give the Anchorage School District more than 57 million dollars for building maintenance and improvements.

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The Anchorage School District is requesting more than $57 million in bonds make improvements to it’s buildings.

The largest project, nearly $23 million, will renovate Airport Heights Elementary School and build an edition onto the school. Airport Heights was built in 1954 and has not had a major renovation, according to District officials. They say it needs more space for special ed and intensive needs students. The school lacks a multipurpose room. It also does not have dedicated art, health and music rooms. Those subjects are currently taught in relocatables outside the main school building.

Officials say there is not enough room to pickup and drop off kids and the parking is inadequate. Those problems will be resolved by the renovations and the addition, officials say.

The remainder of the bond money would go toward improvements at schools throughout the district.

Besides Airport Heights Elementary School, major building system upgrades are planned for Eagle River Elementary, Huffman Elementary and Bayshore Elementary Schools, among others.