Lifelong dancer and choreographer Stephanie Wonchala directs Pulse Dance, a dance company in Anchorage that helps promote dialogue about important issues in Alaska and contributes to creating a thriving Anchorage arts community.

When Brian Weed was 12 years old, the Treadwell Mine was his playground. Nowadays everything off-trail in Southeast Alaska is his playground. Brian and his team of explorers spend their free time roaming the outdoors in search of clues to Alaska's history and of course adventure.

Each year pilots from around the state show off their piloting chops in the Valdez fly-in short takeoff and landing competition. For these pilots flying isn't just means of transportation, it's a way of life. These skills aren't just used for bragging rights, they're essential for flying in Alaska--whether they're landing on a remote beach or taking off of a glacier. Meet four talented pilots with one big thing in common, their love of flying their super cub plane.
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John Giraldo constantly sets his sights on new heights. Nothing can stop him...not even a wall of ice. Since his teenage years he's been perfecting the art of climbing. His passion for conquering some of Alaska's highest peaks, has given him the vantage point only few in the world get a chance to see firsthand.

When old Alaskan film reels find their way from dusty basements to the Alaska Film Archives in Fairbanks, Angie Schmidt's job is to restore and maintain the footage. Having found her own Alaskan adventure through her role as head archivist, Angie holds a deep understanding of Alaska's history and is committed to restoring a collection of 2,000 "Alaska Review" raw tapes.

Chris Lamson built his first truck when he was seventeen, and now spends winter weekends racing trucks on Big Lake, Alaska with a community of four-wheeling enthusiasts. He is dedicated to racing and hopes to see the sport grow in Alaska.

With the help of high-powered telescopes around the world, scientists can observe and photograph far-flung astronomical phenomena. Dr. Travis Rector has been capturing images of distant galaxies and nebulae for over 20 years, and he recently completed a book explaining the techniques he uses to create the photos.