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Alaska Public Media Leadership Circle Donors

Leadership Circle President’s Society (annual gifts of $10,000 and above)
Anonymous (2)
Carr Foundation
Phyllis and Royal Kiehl
David and Janet McCabe
Jan Wills
Karen and Bill Wuestenfeld

Leadership Circle Visionaries (annual gifts of $5,000-$9,999)
Anonymous (2)
Alaska National Insurance Company
David S. Carter
Alan Clark
Steven and Karen Compton
Peter and Thaysa Ehrnstrom
Heather Flynn
Donna Goldsmith and John
Richard and Mary Hensel
Gary and Jane Klopfer
Melanie K. McCleave, MD
Nancy Munro
Former Governor Bill Sheffield
Dr. Tim Silbaugh and Cat Coward
Griff Steiner and L.B. Gregory
Nancy Zverina in Memory of Davey

Leadership Circle Advocates (annual gifts of $2,500-$4,999)
Anonymous (4)
Judith Bendersky and Jim Landon
Dan and Anne Billman
Jacqueline Carr and Shawn Beck
Morgan Christen and Jim Torgerson
Susan Condon
Leslie Dean and Don Hopwood
Peter and Thaysa Ehrnstrom
Robert and Diane Fejes
Kerstin Hanel
Julie Houle
Alice and Gunnar Knapp
Marc Kornmesser and Valerie Waldrop
John Lapkass and Osa Tham
Ose and Grace Matsutani
Jo and Peter Michalski
Merijeanne Moore and Andy
Mike and Diane Moxness
William and Joanne Phelan
Mike and Maggie Price
Ty and Leslie Senden
Mike and Penne Senta
Robin Smith and Eric McCallum
David and Alexandra Sonneborn
Patrick Speranza and Kathy Anderson
Wendy Thon and David Brueggemann
Daniel and Holly Willman

Leadership Circle Patrons (annual gifts of $1,000-$2,499)
Anonymous (125)
Bob Acree
Maribel and David Alexander
Dr. Norma Allgood and Eric and Liam
Deborah Allen
Dennis and Diane Allen
Chip and Olga Alvord
Kyle and Jen Amstadter
Martha M. Anderson
Eleanor Andrews
Robert Artwohl, MD, PC/Alaska Vein Clinic
Ted and Adrienne Bachman
Teresa M. Bailey
Beth Baker
Georganna Baker, Pacific Rim Court Reporting
Nancy Bale
Thomas and Louanne Balensiefer
Marcia Bandy
Kevin Banks and Paula Davis
Daniel Barker and Heather Mildon
Jeffrey Barnes and Barbara Symmes
Elizabeth Barry and Sandy Rabinowitch
Gary and Barbara Baugh
Brian and Joanne Bennett
Pita* and Larry Benz
Pamela Bergmann and John Duffy
Clare S. Bertucio, MD
Floyd and Mary Bettis
Greg Bilberry and Camilla Madden
Jackie Schakel and Herb Bischoff
David Black and Chris Kahr
Janice Blanchard and Richard Nyman
David Blanchet
Richard L. and Diane M. Block Foundation
Chris and Julia Bockmon
Bruce and Mary Bookman
Erin and Florian Borowski
John Braden and Maggie Kelly
Julie Baumann
Cathy Brenner
Benjamin Brown*
Chris Buchholdt and Julia Sadowski
John and Lisa Bulkow
Becky Patterson Bunde
Jean and David Bundy
Robert and Joan Bundtzen
Peter Burke and Valerie Phelps
Tracey Burke and Charles Tyrrell
Jay and Narda Butler
Judy Caminer and Roger Marks
Omer and Carol Carey
Craig Carlson
Kim and Brooklynn Carver
Charles and Sheila Cary
Dr. Robert and Cynthia Cassell
Frank Chandler and Melodee Parker-
Holly Chelmo
Anson Cheng
Chris and John Clark
Dan and Brenda Clark
Matt Claman and Lisa Rieger
John and Susan Cloe
Jennifer Bundy-Cobb and Douglas Cobb
Mary Cocklan-Vendl and Larry Vendl
Robert and Beth Conklin
Brooke and Pat Corkery
Eric and Joanna Croft
Pati Crofut and John Suddock
Brad Cruz and Barbara Norton
Pat and Jeanne Cusick
Andrew and Summer Cutting
Shelli Cutting
Paul Daggett
Mark and Cami Dalton
Gil Dammond and Jocelyn Young
Sharon Davies
Zachary and Joy Davis
Drew Dekreon and Charese Gearhart-
Kristin DeSmith
David Dexter and Lisa Paesani
Gil and Ruth Ann Dickie
Ken Diemer and Nora Barlow
Edward Doerr
Margaret Donatello
Kevin and Shannon Donley
Roger DuBrock and Elaine Andrews
Martha Dunn
Brian and Sandy Durrell
The Elliott Sisters
Roger and Judy Endell
Jacqueline Ertischek
Wayne and Joey Eski
Robert A. Evans and Lisa M. Fitzpatrick
Dana Fabe and Randy Simpson
Charlie and Ruth Fahl
Dave and Margie Falsey
Richard and Krisann Farah
Walter Featherly and Carol Stolpe
Mark Figura and Elise Rose
Vic Fischer and Jane Angvik
Susan Fison
Eric Fjelstad and Jen Schorr
Chuck and Katherine Flynn
Matt and Kate Frankforter
Neal Fried* and Mary Hilcoske
Kay Gajewski
Richard Garner, MD
Mary Geddes and Kevin McCoy
Joy Geiselman and Peter Johnson
Dr. Michel Gevaert
Sharon Gleason
John Gliva
Yvonne and Scott Goldsmith
William and Katherine Goodell
Madeleine Grant, MD
Ann Gray and Frank Cahill
Jerry and Enid Green
Anne Grosshans
Bernd and Paula Guetschow
Carmen Gutierrez
Amy Haddow
Rick Haida
Kathleen and Robert Hammaker
Chuck and Ginger Hansell
Donald Hansen
Marcus Hartley and Diane Lin
Jack and Lynn Hartz
Jana Hayenga
Larry and Judy Helgeson
Richard Helm
Steve and Lou Ann Hennig
Gary and Debbie Hennigh
Herzog Family
Randy and Patricia Hicks
Marsha Burns and Lynn Highland
Clay Hightower
P.J. Hill and Mimi Hogan
Debbie and Ken Hinchey
Diddy and Cliff Hitchins
Jo and Greg Hobbs
Larry and Barbara Holman
Jacki Holzman and Frank Jeffries
Home Instead Senior Care
Tom and Julia Homza
Peter and Gretchen Hopkins
Dr. Morris and Lorrie Horning
Kathy and Russ Howell
Peg Faithful and Bob Hume
Karen L. Hunt*
Robert Iden and Gioia Ottolini
Linda Isaac
Bonnie and Mark Ivy
Petter and Janet Jahnsen
Thom and Linda Janidlo
Christopher and Mardra Jay
Sheila Jensen, Anesthesia Relief Staffing
Phyllis Johnson and Craig Tillery
Sue and Rob Johnson
Lamar Johnson and Louann Cutler
Sydney and Harold Johnston
Brett and Martha Jokela
Liz and Joe Jolley
Dave Jones
Warren and Janet Jones
Karen and Jim Jordan
Kathleen Judy and Gary Benson
Jonathon A. Katcher and Kate Michaels
John and Kirby Kauffman
Jeff and Carrie Keene
Bradford G. Keithley
Dale Kelley, Alaska Trollers Association
J. Gwen Kennedy, PhD*
Mark and Katharine Kimmins
Kathleen King
Annette Kittleson
Jean Kizer
Mary Knopf and Craig Rice
Meera Kohler
Ted and Leslie Kramer
Seth Krauss and Linda Masolini
Meg Kremer and Mark Stearns
Gene and Mary Kulawik
Linda Kumin
Ravnit and Francis LaChapelle
Walt Landgrebe
Caryl and Robert Lane
Catherine Larrea and Mark McDermott
John and Carol Larson
Chris and Sherri LaRue
Noah and Michelle Laufer
Jim Lawlor and Marilyn May
Louise and Richard Lazur
Marilyn Leland
Robert Lemon and Debra Perala
Jake Lestenkof and Sherry Valentine
Robert and Karol Libbey
Steve Lindbeck and Patty Ginsburg
Susan Lindemuth
Martha Linden
Bob and Patty Linton
Jan and Tom Livingston
Brandon and Jamie Locke
John and Kathy Lorec
Jeff Loughrey and Cathie Straub
Greg and Monica Jenicek Lyall
Peter Maassen and Kay Gouwens
Randy and Eilisa Maes
Mike Malachowski and Leslie Bialas
Eric Malone
David Mannheimer
Peter and Fran Marbarger
Mike Martin and Nancy Simpson Martin
Dr. Erik and Mrs. Lisa Maurer
Patricia McAdoo
Donna McCready
Harry and Pat McDonald
John McKay and Cristy Willer
J. D. McManis and Debra A. Marquardt
Stephanie and Dennis McMillian
Corinne and Michael McVee
Mike and Tina Meiser
Matthew Melde
Allison Mendel and Marge Kaiser
Sharon and Bruce Merrell
Keith and Kathy Merrick
Nancy and Larry Merriman
Cynthia and Roger Miller
Lloyd and Heather Kendall Miller
Rosa Meehan and Stanton Moll
Russ and Pam Minkemann
Mark and Debbie Moderow
Victor Mollozzi
Douglas B. Molyneaux
Elizabeth Morgan
Royce and Shari Morgan
Lorna Morris
Lloyd and Joan Morris
William F. Morse and Cynthia L. Strout
John and Rika Mouw
Multiple Risk Managers, Inc.
Carel Nagata
Lisa Nash
Dean Nelson and Rhonda Roberts
Jeanie Anne Nelson
Tom and Teresa Newins
Nancy Nolan and Bill and Brian Britt
Sue Ellen O’Connor and Kevin Ferris
Deborah and Bill O’Leary
Kimberly Olmsted and Dan Dickinson
Bobbi and Jim Olson
Otterson Law Office
Brad Owens and Linda Wilson
The Patsy Parker Family
Jeff and Eva Parsons
Peter Partnow and Stephanie Kesler
Ted and Claire Pease
Larry Persily
Lance and Barbara Petersen
Matt Peterson and Mary DeMers
Tim Pine
Pizza Man
Janet Platt and Gary Guarino
Clai and Marilyn Porter
Jim and Judy Powell
Dr. Kelly Powers and daughters Isabel, Eva
and Vivian
John and Carolyn Rader
John and Diane Ramey
Dave and DeAnne Rand
Ann Rappoport and David Irons
Jim and Pat Redmond
Jim and Susan Reeves
George and Amy* Rhyneer
Tara Riemer
Sharon Richards and Walter John
Phyllis Rhodes and Pam Richter
Ray and Julie Robinson
Jeff and Kris Rognes
Flo and Jim Rooney
Beth Rose and John Levy
The Francis and David Rose Foundation
Jeffrey Rubin
Bill and Barb Rosetti
Phyllis Rude
David Rudolph
Jeff Russell
Daniel Safranek and Ann Rembert Safranek
Christine Sam
John and Jeannine Samuelson
John Samuelson
Amanda Sassi
Anna Sattler
Jane Sauer Family
Robert Scher and Kerry Reardon
Conni Schlee
Terry and Martha Schoenthal
Steve Schroeder
Michael and Michele* Schuh
Amy and Greg Schumacher
Krista M. Schwarting and David G. Dempsey
Shelly Schwenn and Brent Veltkamp
Jeff and Beth Scott
Sheila Selkregg
Elizabeth Sharp and Alan Colter
Mike and Susan Shiffer
In Memory of Franklin and Marilyn Short
Carl and Pixie Siebe
Gail and Jan Sieberts
Kwie-Hoa Siem
Jack and Karina Simmers
Jack and Sherrie Simmonds
Tim Simpson
Mary Sindorf
Siri Hari Hari Singh and Amrit Kaur Khalsa
Mike Singsaas and Rocky Plotnick
Del Smith and Cathy Rohan Smith
Kitty Smith
Sharon Smith and Tom Hunt
Thetus Smith
Jim and Patty Spalding
Shannon and Charles Spalding
Judy Stanek
Jim Stanley and Lynn Shaver
Statewide Door and Glass
Stan Steck and Ruth Carter
Cheryl L. Stewart and Chris Turletes
Faye and Christopher Stiehm
Michael Stinebaugh and Charlotte Fox
Jane Straight and Pam Bowden
Jim Stratton
Fred and Laurel Stutzer
Wil and Melissa Sundberg
David and Bonnie Swanson
Jean Tam
JP and Lynda Tarbath
Bill and Tami Taylor
Cammy and Scott Taylor
Charlotte Tharp
Jim Thiele and Sue Pope
Thomas, Head and Greisen, PC
William H. Timme
Bonnie W. Tisler
Dr. Tina Tomsen
Breck Tostevin
Barbara Trantina
Dave and Marcia* Trudgen
Maryellen Tuttell and John Minton
Ed and Peggy Ulman
Upstream Family Medicine
Jeri and Jan van den Top
Ralph van Dusseldorp and Marilyn Kay
Julie and Ken Varee
Kenneth E. Vassar and Lisa C. Lauterbur
Margaret Volz and Sam Edwards
Andi Wahry
Thomas Wang and Colleen Savoie
Debra and Bernard Washington
Bob and Carol Waters
Christie Watson and Ryan Jaramillo
David, Bid and Jaxyn Weber
Ann and Roger Weese
Richard and Jennie Weldin
Jan Whitefield
Diane Wiggin and Mark Wiggin*
Thomas Willetts and Crockett Cobb
Thomas K. Williams and Roberto Lau Kant
Thomas and Shirley Wilson
Keith and Debbie Winkle
Paula Smith and Ken Winterberger
Eric Wohlforth
Pat and Aron Wolf
Linda and Thad Woodard
Bob and Char Wyatt
Bonnie and Bo York
Chris and Ken Zafren
Meg and Zachary Zaletel
Emmy Zartman and Ed Kamienski
Joy Zimmerman-Golden

*Alaska Public Media Board Member

Alaska Public Media Alfred Hanisch Legacy Society
Anonymous (35)
James and Margaret Arend
Barbara and Gary Baugh
Pamela Bergmann and John Duffy
Jacqueline Carr and Shawn Beck
Becky Patterson Bunde
Sheila Burgh +
Dr. Robert and Cynthia Cassell
Susan Condon
Brooke and Pat Corkery
Wendy S. Craytor +
Brad Cruz and Barbara Norton
Sharon Davies
Diana L. Ede
Judith and David Erikson
N. Diane and Robert E. Fejes
Susan Fison
Heather Flynn
Alfred Hanisch +
Phyllis Johnson and Craig Tillery
Jan Knutson
Louise and Richard Lazur
Robert Lemon and Debra Perala
Heidi Leeney
Steve Lindbeck and Patty Ginsburg
Shelley Lipman
Sidney and Melinda Mehlschmidt
Nathan Michalski
Doug Molyneaux
Mike and Diane Moxness
Patsy Parker
Elise Patkotak and her birds
John and Colleen Peterson
Jim and Susan Reeves
Jeff and Kris Rognes
Ruth Schmidt Estate +
Former Governor Bill Sheffield
Charisse L. Shipley +
Faye and Christopher Stiehm
David and Bonnie Swanson
Jean Tam
Bede Trantina
Maryellen Tuttell
Wiggin Family
Jan Wills

+ denotes deceased