AK: In the Trenches

This week we’re going In the Trenches. We’ll dive to the bottom of Alaska’s ocean trenches and meet a doctor deep in the trenches of the Emergency Room. Plus, Alaskans recall their time at war — on land and in the sky. And we’ll hear from soldiers who have recently made the long journey home.

All that and more on AK, from APRN stations statewide, starting today.

Purple Hearts
On today’s show, we’re remembering those who lost their lives in war… and those who are returning from battle, like Army Specialists Bryan Roatch, Jeffrey Stepanenko and Keith Carter, who just received the Purple Heart at Fort Richardson. AK’s Ellen Lockyer brings us the story.

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Young at Heart
World War II veteran Mike Hunt is 85 years old, but doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. He owns and flies five planes; he even puts on his old army uniform every once in a while. AK’s Rebecca Sheir visited Hunt at his East Anchorage homestead, and tried to keep up with the flying octogenarian.

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Diving to the Trenches
The Alaska Aleutian Trench stretches from Alaska to Asia, about the distance from Seattle to Chicago. AK’s Scott
Burton spoke with researchers Dave Scholl and Michelle Ridgeway about this important spot for volcano, earthquake, oil, gas, marine biology and tidal wave studies.

In the Pit
When Kathy McCue was a medical resident, working shifts in the emergency room was referred to as being “In the Pit.” She’s been working as an ER doc in Anchorage for five years, and as she illustrates in this essay, some of those shifts are pretty tough.

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In the Trenches of the Law
For nearly four decades, Fred Adkerson has worked in the trenches of Alaska’s legal system as a bail bondsman. Len Anderson profiles this veteran of the courts.

300 Villages

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Letters from the Great War
Tim Pine’s grandfather fought in World War One. Tim always thought he knew him. Then he unearthed some of the letters he wrote from the war front, and discovered another side to his stern grandpa.

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10th Mountain Division
During World War Two, some of the highest casualty rates were experienced by the 10th Mountain Division. Katie Bausler speaks with some veterans of the skiing and climbing troops: Jack Culbreath, Tom Stewart and Sig Olson.

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Music and the Park
Jamie Esler spends his summers in McCarthy-Kennecott, adding a little music to the park… and a little of the park to his music. Jeremy Pataky brings us this story about the singer-songwriter.

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