Job Opportunities

Television IT/Broadcast Engineer

Alaska Public Media (AKPM) seeks a Television IT (IT) Broadcast Engineer. The IT Broadcast Engineer is responsible for the installation, proper operation and maintenance of a wide array of state-of-the-art computer based systems used for modern day television and radio broadcasting. The IT Broadcast Engineer is also responsible for the administrative IT infrastructure for Alaska Public Media and must be experienced with baseband digital video and audio, real time and current non-real time digital video/audio compression technology, television broadcast automation, television traffic systems and digital television broadcast delivery.


Broadcast Engineer

Primary duties include the support of broadcast stations KAKM-TV, KSKA-FM, and the statewide satellite news network. Support includes all inside and outside plant supervision and maintenance.


TV Traffic Manager

The TV Traffic Manager serves the traffic needs of a broad-based public media organization that delivers television, radio, and web content. AKPM is the source for NPR radio and PBS television for South Central and South East Alaska and stewards the statewide news.