Election 2008: Anchorage results

With last night’s election results, it appears the party balance in Anchorage’s eight senate seats will remain the same, with four Republicans and four Democrats. The city’s delegation to the state house could become 10 Democrats and six Republicans from a previous even split of Anchorage’s 16 house districts. But that new ratio depends on three fairly small leads holding through the addition of absentee and questioned ballots.

In District 27, Democrat incumbent Bob Buch leads Republican Bob Lewis by only 67 votes with all six precincts counted. In District 19, Democrat challenger Pete Petersen is ahead of Republican incumbent Bob Roses by about 135 votes with all seven precincts tallied. And with all seven precincts counted, Democrat Chris Tuck has about a 160 vote lead over Republican Ron Jordan in the race for the District 29 seat formerly held by Republican Ralph Samuels. The results, however are unofficial until certified in late November.

For updated, statewide election results, go to Alaska Division of Elections:

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