AK: Gluttony

With the country’s financial health in trouble, people are looking for ways to save money, so AK takes a look at alternatives to spending. We’ll find out why some Alaska Natives are moving into the big cities, look at one community’s effort to produce cheaper power and dole out a little nifty thrifty advice for penny pinchers.

All that and more this week on AK, heard statewide on local APRN stations statewide.

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Host: Ellen Lockyer

Point Armstrong Bears
AK’s Bonnie Sue Hitchcock
When bears get ready for winter, they like to put on a few pounds, and where better to do that than at a salmon hatchery. But kids and other people who live at the hatchery have to do some pretty fast thinking if they want to go outside and have some fun. Hitchcock speaks with hatchery manager John Thorenson and Sindal Claycamp.

Wild Salmon Guy
KFSK’s Matt Lichtenstein and Joe Viechnicki
If only salmon treats came in a new package. The Crab Bait Radio guys dream up a new fishy delivery system, with hilarious results.

Fish Tasters
This just in… the trade group “Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers” is doing some product testing on high school kids in the North Pole area. It seems that the fish tacos that are now on the school menu are made of genuine Alaska Pollock. It beats fish sticks.

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Unalaska Guns
KUCB’s Anne Hillman
Some folks in Unalaska are stocking up on guns, since the Obama-Biden ticket swept the election. Hillman speaks with local gun dealer Forrest Bowers.

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Gustavus Hospice
AK’s Scott Burton
Blair Aubrey was not a native of Gustavus, but she loved to spend summers there, and when it turned out she was terminally ill, the friends she met there took her in to care for her in the town she loves.

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Moving to Anchorage
AK’s Ellen Lockyer
The Kalmakoff family — Mom, Dad, all five kids, Grandma and a puppy — moved from Perryville, on the Alaska Peninsula, to South Anchorage. They are adjusting since getting to the city in March. Lockyer speaks with Jennifer Kalmakoff about the reasons for the move… and finds out that many Alaska Natives are planning to migrate right back to the bush when the time comes.

300 Villages

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Prince of Wales Island
AK Contributor Jay Marble
Hunting is a way of life in many an Alaska village.. and in Craig, on Prince of Wales Island, a special celebration of deer is an annual event.

Eating Alaska
AK’s Bonnie Sue Hitchcock
Ellen Frankenstein has made a documentary film about how eating patterns change in Alaska. It’s called “Eating Alaska” and Bonnie Sue Hitchcock speaks with Frankenstein about the project.

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KP Poem
Keith Liles, poet
Poet Liles writes a lot about food.. in this one.. well, you just have to listen to it. It’s from his new book “Spring Hunger.”

Creamed Onions
AK’s Duncan Moon
Let’s get this perfectly clear. Duncan Moon hates creamed onions, and has since he was a child. He reminisces about just why the odious veggie is anathema to his dinner plate.

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