Fire Danger Remains High in Southcentral

wildfire1Today the Anchorage Fire Department warned residents don’t be fooled by clouds and cooler temperatures . The fire danger remains high. The ground is very dry and any fires that start would burn very rapidly.

There have been 122 brush fires in Anchorage since April 15th, with 33 of those fires since July 1st. Almost all were caused by humans. Until we receive a considerable amount of soaking rain, the danger continues.

Please be extra careful and be prepared. The Anchorage Fire Department advises residents if a fire should force them to evacuate their homes to remember the 5 P’s:

  • People: account for all family members
  • Pets: animals, crates, food and water
  • Prescriptions: pills and medications
  • Photos: family mementos and home inventory
  • Important Papers: deed for home, vehicle titles, birth certificates

In event of a wildfire, the Fire Department will try to give a formal evacuation notification, but if conditions change quickly there may not be time. So be vigilant of smoke in your neighborhood and it’s a good idea to make a family emergency kit-water, clothes, masks, wool blanket and a first aid kit as the bare minimum.

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