Johansen Vows Return to Republican Caucus

Associated Press

State Rep. Kyle Johansen is vowing a return to the Republican caucus.

The embattled Johansen told constituents in Ketchikan this week that he will be in the Republican-led Majority Caucus when the Legislature convenes in January.

He also says he’s likely to be chairman or co-chairman of a committee.

Johansen, the former House Majority Leader, and Rep. Charisse Millet, a Republican from Anchorage, left the caucus after it reorganized earlier this month over concerns about the group’s direction.

But during a town hall meeting in Ketchikan this week, Johansen says it’s been made clear that he should be in Juneau to represent the concerns of his district–not statewide issues. This comes after the Ketchikan Daily News called for his resignation in an editorial.

Johansen plans to meet with House Speaker Mike Chenault in Anchorage next week.

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