World Walker Renewing Trek from Fairbanks

Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks

British world walker Karl Bushby is back in Fairbanks preparing for the next segment of his global trek.  Bushby staged out of Fairbanks for much of the last decade while he made his way across Alaska, the Bering Strait and into Russia.  Bushby returned to Fairbanks this week, and is training and working logistics for a planned resumption of his walk in the Chukotka region of Russia on Feb. 1.

Bushby’s expedition has been on hold since the spring of 2008, when he left off in the remote mining town of Billibino, Russia, and the global recession proceeded to sink project sponsorship.  Bushby retreated to Mexico, where he spent two years trying to raise new sponsors.  He says things went nowhere until recently when he connected up with two TV producers who are looking at producing a documentary or reality series.  Bushby is optimistic, but says it’s not a done deal.

Bushby is facing big expenses to launch the next expedition phase, including a $14,000 charter flight to get him and his gear from Nome back to Russia.  Bushby has traveled 21,000 miles since beginning his journey at the southern tip of South America in 1998, but finances have always been a challenge. He’s written a book, and been the subject of BBC TV features.  Bushby’s ultimate goal is to walk home to England, where he has not returned since starting his walk.  His 36,000 mile trip could end up taking the better part of 20 years.

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