CDC Weighs in on Particulate Pollution Health Effects

The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has weighed in on health effects of fine particulate pollution.  Atlanta based CDC officials were in Fairbanks last night for an air quality forum.  CDC Chief of air pollution and respiratory health Paul Garbe says cardiac problems are the best known impact.

Garbe, who manages the CDC’s National Asthma Control program, says asthma is another disease which fine particulates effect.

Garbe says it’s unknown if the tiny particles, like those in the wood smoke that fouls Fairbanks area during extreme cold, cause asthma, but says health concerns are not restricted to the acute.

Garbe and the CDC’s Rachel Kossover were among speakers at the state and borough sponsored forum in Fairbanks.  The presentation included previously released data from a study Kossover conducted when she worked for the state department of health.  It shows increased emergency room visits for heart and respiratory problems when Fairbanks air violates the EPA fine particulate pollution standards.

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