RUNNING: Wednesday, August 22

State House 16 (Spenard) candidates Hugh Brown, III and Harriet Drummond.

Host Michael Carey moderates a discussion with the candidates running for legislature in the Alaska Primary Election on August 28, 2012. KSKA’s Daysha Eaton joins as a panelist.

Tune in on KSKA FM 91.1 or Alaska Public Television. Times listed below are approximate.

7:00 PM Senate H, House 15, House 16

Midtown, Spenard
Senate H: Clint Hess [R], Don Smith [R], Berta Gardner [D]
House 15: Dick Traini [R], Andrew Josephson [D]
House 16: Jimmy Crawford [R], Roman Romanovski [R], Hugh Brown III [D], Harriet Drummond [D]

8:00 PM Senate I, House 17, House 18

Mountain View, Downtown Anchorage
Senate I, Paul Kendall* [R], Johnny Ellis [D]
House 17: Cean Stevens [R], Geran Tarr [D], Cal Williams [D]
House 18: Cris Eichenlaub, Jr.* [R], Les Gara [D]

9:15 PM Senate K

South Anchorage
Jeff Landfield [R], Lesil McGuire [R], Roselynn Cacy [D]

*Candidates did not appear for taping

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