To Russia With Love, An Alaskan’s Journey

Vic Fischer, Koni Wolf and Lothar Wloch stand on the frozen Arctic Ocean near Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay oil field. The 1975 trip fulfilled a lifelong dream of seeing the Arctic together. Photo courtesy Vic Fischer, “To Russia With Love.”

This month on Alaska Radio Reader Rambler, Alaska Constitutional Convention delegate, Vic Fischer joins host Sandy Harper to give listeners a sneak peek at his long anticipated memoir “To Russia With Love, An Alaskan’s Journey. Alaska Radio Reader Rambler predicts To Russia With Love will be a national best seller with rave reviews in the New York Times.

Co-author of the book Charles Wohlforth will join Vic for next month’s edition (Nov. 26) of Alaska Radio Reader Rambler to talk about the creative process for writing the book, which included reading hundreds of his family’s hand-written letters now stored at Princeton Library.

HOST: Sandy Harper

GUEST: Vic Fischer, Alaska Constitutional Convention delegate, author, “To Russia With Love, An Alaskan’s Journey

ORIGINAL BROADCAST: October 29, 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

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