Hiking Through a Forest With an Upright Bass, in a Cocktail Dress

On this edition of Town Square 49 radio, we’re talking films with the Rasmuson Foundation.

A few months ago the Rasmuson Foundation began releasing their web exclusive film series titled “Glimpses of Who We Are.” The videos, all less than 2 minutes in length, highlight different nonprofits from around the state.

Cassandra Stalzer, Communications Director for the Rasmuson Foundation, describes her reaction to one video, produced by Sitka filmmaker Ellen Frankenstein.

The email came in, I opened the video and watched it, two minutes went by, and I thought, what the heck was that?

It’s a little different for sure. One moment you’re watching scenes of gritty trail maintenance, and the next you see a very dapper, but odd couple. A towering man strums a small guitar while a petite woman in a bright red dress plays a huge upright bass. The film works though, not surprisingly. After all, only an Alaskan could combine chainsaws and cocktail dresses in a cohesive way.

Stalzer says she hopes the Rasumson Foundation can sponsor more films like “The Trail” and the other films from the “Glimpses Series,” and they likely will as long as the feedback from the community stays positive.

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