Alaska Supreme Court Orders Redistricting Board to Redraw Boundaries

The Alaska Supreme Court is ordering that the state’s redistricting plan be redrawn for the 2014 elections. In a opinion released Friday, the  court denied the Alaska Redistricting Board’s petition for rehearing on a December court decision. The Alaska Supreme Court had ordered the board to redraw the state voting map to be in line with the Alaska Constitution.

During a meeting last week, the board outlined a draft timeline for completion of the work in anticipation of the court’s decision.

Board attorney Mike White outlined some of the board’s options

“Another option that potentially the board has…would be to seek a writ of certiorari or petition the United States Supreme Court to review the Alaska Supreme Court decision” White said.

“[It is]Perfectly appropriate for the U.S. Supreme Court to review the decision of a last court of resort in a state…The issue here is, is there a federal question?”

The board has not yet decided whether it might ask the nation’s highest court to review the case.

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