Fire Danger Remains High Across State

Weather forecasts across the state are calling for continued hot and dry weather and fire danger statewide remains significant. Five hotshot crews have been flown to Fairbanks from Oregon.

84 wildfires are currently burning across the state.

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Aircraft and smoke jumpers responded to the wind stoked Village Creek Fire, which grew to more than 100 acres Saturday.

The Lime Creek Fire has grown to nearly 132,000 acres. The fire is within a half mile of Lime Village, a small community of 27 residents on the upper Stony River south of McGrath.

Firefighters are also launching a concentrated attack on three lightning-caused fires near the village of Crooked Creek in the middle Kuskokwim region. The fires are all within two miles of each other.

Lightning also started several fires on national park and preserve land in the state. The National Park Service will only respond to the fires if they threaten structures, or cultural sites.

In the Fairbanks area, crews continue to make progress on the Kanuti Fire burning along Chena Hotsprings Road. The fire is 90 percent contained.

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