Board of Fish Approves New Bering Sea Fisheries

The Alaska Board of Fish voted to set up two new state-managed fisheries in the Aleutians at their meeting in Anchorage this week.

Pacific Cod.
Pacific Cod.

A Pacific cod fishery will open up in the Bering Sea north of Cape Sarichef each year starting a week after the federally managed parallel fishery, and stay open until the harvest is taken or August 28. The fishery will only be open to boats under 60 feet.

The state will also set up a new Atka mackerel fishery for purse seiners under 60 feet. That fishery will start in the Bering Sea on January 1 and run through the end of the calendar year, or until vessels take the available harvest.

The board voted to set the harvest limit at 10% of the total biological limit for mackerel in the federal Bering Sea district.