Moose and Mice, Be Gone!

Bull moose near car and house, courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska
Bull moose near car and house, courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska

A Hometown Alaska listener writes: How about an episode of ‘Mice and Moose.’ Those two critters seem to be the most problematic pests in Southcentral. A show about how to keep them out of our homes and yards would be informative. Answer questions like: Does squirting expansion foam around the exterior bottom of homes keep mice out? Does hanging bars of Irish Spring soap in trees really keep moose away?

Mark Sabel, your wish is granted!

This week we’ll share listener and guest remedies for unwanted mice and moose visitors. Send YOUR suggestions to and we’ll share them on the air.

Half the fun of prepping for this show is researching Irish Spring soap. Local garden columnist Jeff Lowenfels pooh-poohs that idea, plus a few more:

First of all, hanging Irish Spring soap doesn’t work. Nor does hanging bags of human hair, spraying garlic or having a big dog… Tying dryer softener strips up in trees seems to work for some, but I am not sure that isn’t because a bunch of these in a tree looks silly.

Human hair? That’s creepy. Nonetheless, plenty of Internet scribes would beg to differ with Southcentral Alaska’s longtime garden guru over the Irish Spring soap. Here’s one from the Alaska Preppers Network with an elaborate recipe:

Take said bar soap, and slice it up. Take a big pot of water and set to boil.  When at boiling point, put it on medium heat and add the soap.  Let it sit there until all the soap is dissolved. When all is said and done, you are going to have a bluish/greenish and milky white water. Let it cool down just enough so it won’t scald you.  Grab a bucket and dump the pot of water in it and add water to the top of the bucket.  Use a large spoon or a small bowl and pour around and on your garden area(s).  The smell will keep the moose, deer, bears and other critters away.  It also has an effect on slugs and I have had success keeping them at bay with this.

Mouse, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Mouse, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Mice are  no less despised when they invade our private space, and ‘‘Wacky Ways to keep Mice Away” ran the gamut from devices that emit high frequency noise to sachets of chili peppers. Oh, they also hate mint.

Join us Wednesday on Hometown Alaska and get answers to your burning questions about moose and mice, two scourges of life on The Last Frontier.

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