Crews Rescue Woman From Fairbanks High Rise Window

Fairbanks emergency responders rescued a woman from a window of a downtown Fairbanks high rise yesterday.

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Fairbanks Police lieutenant Matt Soden says police got a call about the woman in an open window on the 8th floor of the Northward apartment building Monday morning.

“We responded over there, made contact from the doorway with the female who was having some mental health issues. She was very scared; thought that people were after her, and she was climbing out the window to make an escape,” Soden said. “We began talking with her, trying to convince her to come back in while at the same time the fire department responded and set up their ladder truck with a large bucket underneath her and as she either slipped or started to fall, they were able to get a hold of her and get her into the bucket.”

Lieutenant Soden says the woman only fell about a foot and was not injured, but was transported to the hospital. He says family members also responded.