House Pushes Back Deadline for Financial Disclosures

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The Alaska House has passed legislation pushing back the date by which legislators and other public officials must file annual financial disclosures. HB 65 would move the filing deadline from March 15 to May 15.

A minority-led effort to keep the reporting deadline for legislators as March 15 failed. Rep. Scott Kawasaki, a Democrat from Fairbanks, said legislators owe it to the public to provide that information while in session.

Rep. Mike Hawker, a Republican from Anchorage, said the bill, which he sponsored, would not degrade the quality of information available to the public about legislators. He noted that candidates make financial declarations when they run, and their annual reports are on file. The change in date also includes those serving on boards and commissions.

The vote was 32-8 on reconsideration. The bill next goes to the Senate.