Selecting a Bike

On today’s show we’re going to talk about how to buy a bike. We’ll focus first on the high end and the creative stuff that hardcore cycling folks are doing these days, building crazy bikes and putting together the perfect bike. They’ve got their own subculture. Then we’ll focus on the practical details of getting the right bike for you at a price you can afford, whether you buy new or on Craigslist. A bike can be a wonderful piece of fitness equipment, cheap transportation, and a tool for spending time with your kids. Everyone should have one. Like other equipment, the quality of your bike definitely makes a difference, but you don’t have to pay an insane amount of money if you get one that fits your body and your lifestyle. We’ll get those details.

Photos courtesy of Garrett Perkins

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HOST: Charles Wohlforth




  • Jamie McDermott, volunteer coordinator, Off the Chain community bicycle cooperative
  • Garrett Perkins, “freak-bike” specialist
  • Will Ross, cyclocross racer, bike mechanic, Chain Reaction Cycles
  • Bill Fleming, co-owner, Trek Store and Chain Reaction Cycles


BROADCAST: Thursday, April 16, 2015, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. AKDT

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