Low Oil Prices Haven’t Reached Dillingham

The drop in oil prices has been bad news for Alaska’s state budget, but good news for some Alaskans at the pump. But the gas price has been slow to drop in some Bristol Bay communities, especially Dillingham. KDLG has been hearing from a lot of people unhappy about the gas prices.

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Photo of a pump in Dillingham from March 2015 when gas was 6.39 per gallon. Credit Matt Martin/KDLG
Photo of a pump in Dillingham from March 2015 when gas was 6.39 per gallon.
Credit Matt Martin/KDLG

“Here we are June, the first week, and we’re still paying top dollar. Hope we don’t get the screws put to us all summer here with the high gas price. Ok, that’s all I got,” says one caller to the station.

The current price of fuel in Dillingham is $6.15 down from about $6.33 a few weeks ago. Facility Manager of Delta Western in Dillingham Ken Reiswig says prices haven’t gone down yet because there is still a lot of left over fuel from the winter.

“Because there was no snow and warm winter we didn’t sell as much fuel as we had planned for, so we have fuel left over,” said Reiswig.

And until that fuel is used up, Reiswig says prices will probably hold steady were they’re at for now. But the cheaper fuel coming in may eventually lower prices.

“Whatever price fuel comes in we adjust our prices based on what’s in the tank,” added Reiswig.

Lawrence Sifsof spoke to KDLG at a pump in Dillingham Wednesday morning. He isn’t holding out much hope that prices will drop anytime soon.

“Because why would they go down now when they are keeping them this high this far,” questioned Sifsof.

Fuel prices in Ekwok are close to Dillingham’s at about 6.25. Koliganek and Togiak are a little cheaper at 5.75 and 5.33 respectively.

One person at the pumps in Dillingham told KDLG that there are some mysteries in life he chooses not to explore, he says the price of fuel in rural Alaska is one of them.

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Matt Martin is a reporter for KDLG in Dillingham.