Citizens apprehend man who broke 2 out of jail

Pilot Station community members thwarted an escape after two men were briefly on the run following an armed jailbreak.

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Alaska State Troopers say Dale Fancyboy, 22, reportedly went into the Pilot Station Jail with a shotgun Tuesday just before midnight. Fancyboy held up the unarmed jail guard and removed two prisoners from the cell, 19-year-old Thomas Heckman and 22-year-old Dion Joseph.

The men were booked on theft, burglary and assault charges.

Troopers say Fancyboy also threatened two Village Police Officers who had just arrived as he was leaving. But the rest didn’t go as planned.

Megan Peters is a spokeswoman for Alaska State Troopers.

“Well yesterday after the break out occurred, a group of villagers found Fancyboy and brought him to the jail.”

But the two escapees were still at-large.

“We had troopers fly out yesterday morning, to go and search the village for the two escapees that Fancyboy helped break out. We weren’t able to find them right away, but one of the family members showed up at the jail with the two escapees, and turned them over to troopers.”

The men were taken back into custody. Troopers took all three individuals to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Correctional Center.

It’s unknown what additional charges the men may face, but their arraignment will take place Thursday afternoon at the Bethel Courthouse.

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