I’m an Underground Explorer | INDIE ALASKA

Juneau is here because of gold mining, according to Brian Weed, the co-founder of Juneau’s Hidden History. Pieces of that history are scattered all throughout the Tongass National Forest, where small miners set out to strike it rich during the Alaskan gold rush. Brian and his team of adventurers work to preserve that history through photos.

He has found over 300 small mine tunnels by following data collected by Earl Redmon and plans to publish a book telling the story of the small-time miners who made up Juneau, Alaska.

Brian’s interest in mine tunnels began at the age of 12, when the Treadwell Mine served as his playground. That passion, merged with his love for hiking, helped spark the idea for the Juneau’s Hidden History Facebook group. The group spends their free time exploring the vast wilderness of southeast Alaska in search of remnants of the past.

Video: Kaysie Ellingson