Talking with Mayor Ethan Berkowitz

Mayor Ethan Berkowitz
Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. Photo by Josh Edge, Alaska Public Media.

It’s not everyday you get to sit down and talk with your town’s mayor, but that’s what we’ll be doing on the next Hometown Alaska. What are your questions for Mayor Berkowitz? What seems to be working well? What changes would you like to see in the community?

You can anticipate many of the show’s topics:

  • How will the city weather the economic downturn in the state?
  • Crime—how is the city managing the opioid and heroin epidemic as it plays out in the city.
  • How is the repair of the port progressing?
  • Give us an update on the city’s homeless strategies.
  • What are the challenges to living and negotiating with big nearby semi-autonomous or completely autonomous entities like the Alaska Railroad, the Anchorage International Airport, or even JBER?
  • Unifying local utilities.
  • What else would you like on this list? Call us!

Beyond the ever-changing news of the day, we can ask Mayor Berkowitz about his leadership strategies, what it’s like to govern when politics has turned partisan and how Anchorage adjusts to national news stories like immigration or climate policy changes.

Join us, and bring your questions and comments.



HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Ethan Berkowitz, mayor of the Municipality of Anchorage



  • Call 550-8433 (Anchorage) or 1-888-353-5752  (statewide) during the live broadcast (2:00 – 3:00pm)
  • Send email to before, during or after the live broadcast (e-mails may be read on air)
  • Post your comment or question below (comments may be read on air)
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