Weighing Ballot Measure One

Alaska voters have a big decision to make on November 6, besides voting their choice for  governor. They must approve or defeat Ballot Measure 1, also called the Salmon Initiative.

The initiative’s ballot language is dense and legalistic, which can seem intimidating. We will use our hour today to unpack what the initiative calls for, and hear pros and cons on those requirements. Our aim is to go beyond sound bites and provide each side the opportunity to defend their perspective. Our goal is informed voters.

For the record, Alaska citizens’ right to create law through the initiative process is guaranteed by the state constitution. Read a summary of the initiative’s process, including lawsuits and the state Supreme Court ruling that struck some language from the provision before allowing it to proceed to the ballot.

Our program is pre-recorded today to accommodate scheduling, so we won’t be able to take phone calls during the show. Don’t forget to vote!

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HOSTKathleen McCoy


  • Emily Anderson, attorney, Alaska Program Director, Wild Salmon Center, speaking for Stand for Salmon
  • Clint Campion, attorney, speaking for Stand for Alaska



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