Legislators reject six Dunleavy appointees to boards and commissions

Members of the Legislature gather around the front of the House chamber during a joint session to confirm Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s appointees, April 17, 2019. (Photo by Andrew Kitchenman/KTOO and Alaska Public Media)

The Alaska Legislature voted against confirming six of Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s appointees to boards and commissions.

Anchorage resident Karl Johnstone was not confirmed to the Board of Fisheries, a board on which he had previously served. He was opposed by commercial fishing interests and supported by sport fishing interests.

Fairbanks resident Vivian Stiver was not confirmed to the Marijuana Control Board. Some of those who voted against her said her past opposition to marijuana isn’t appropriate for the board.

Wasilla resident John Francis was not confirmed to the Violent Crimes Compensation Board. Some lawmakers who voted against him questioned whether he gave a full account of his past misdemeanors. Some also questioned whether he profited from a “ghost hunting” website that he said he used to debunk claims of ghosts.

Fairbanks resident James McDermott was not confirmed for the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Legislators disagreed about whether state law requires that his seat be filled by a Democrat. McDermott is a Libertarian.

Eagle River resident Michael Tavoliero was not confirmed to the Real Estate Commission. Opponents said he was not forthcoming during a committee meeting and that he doesn’t have enough experience in real estate sales.

Eagle River resident Marisha Dieters was not confirmed to the Board of Nursing. Lawmakers say her position should be filled by a current registered nurse. Dieters has a more advanced credential.

The appointment of Fairbanks veterinarian Scott Flamme to the Board of Veterinary Examiners was not voted on. Members wanted more information on legal filings against him.

The Legislature confirmed 82 other members to boards and commissions.

The Legislature also confirmed Education Commissioner Michael Johnson as the successor to Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer if the position becomes vacant. And it confirmed Kathleen Frederick as the chief administrative law judge.