Nevada prosecutors drop domestic violence charges against former Alaska political consultant

Prosecutors in Nevada have dismissed all charges against a former Alaska political consultant who was accused of assaulting his former fiancee.

Ben Sparks was campaign manager for U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan when Sullivan was elected in 2014. As a veteran Republican political consultant, Sparks’ case made national news two years ago when he was charged with kidnapping and domestic battery, and his ex-fiancee released a signed five-page sex contract that described her as Sparks’ “slave and property.”

Sullivan, at the time, called the allegations and reports shocking and extremely disturbing.

Prosecutors dismissed five of the felony charges against Sparks in October but said at the time that they wanted to pursue a misdemeanor battery charge against him.

Last week, prosecutors dropped that charge, too, saying Sparks’ ex-fiancee had become ill and wouldn’t be able to testify at trial for a long time, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Sparks’ attorney told the newspaper that the allegations against him were fabricated.