LISTEN: Wild Alaska blueberries a benefit to old rat brains

A close of up photo of wild blueberries on the vine
Wild blueberries grow in many areas of Alaska. Berry picking is a popular activity during the summer (Photo courtesy of Kirsten Swann)

Many Alaskans are wrapping up blueberry picking season and working on preserving their annual harvest.

But what’s in those little blue bundles? Answer: More than just a delicious, sweet and tart treat. And, believe it or not, they’re not even technically blueberries.

That’s according to University of Alaska Anchorage chemistry professor Colin McGill, who for years has been studying… what we’re going to continue calling blueberries.

McGill told Alaska Public Media’s Casey Grove that Alaska blueberries are unique, in taste and benefit to human health, including three main categories of healthy compounds.