Assembly reorganizes, elects Austin Quinn-Davidson to become interim mayor

Austin Quinn-Davidson at Friday’s special Assembly meeting.

The Anchorage Assembly voted to reorganize on Friday, electing Austin Quinn-Davidson to the role of Assembly chair. Following Mayor Ethan Berkowitz’s resignation on October 23, Quinn-Davidson will become the interim mayor of Anchorage until the public elects a new mayor.

Former chair Felix Rivera was elected to the position of vice chair. He will once again assume the role of chair once Quinn-Davidson becomes the interim mayor.

Rivera nominated Quinn-Davidson to the position, applauding her for a level-headed approach to municipal issues and commitment to listening to constituents.

“I know some think many on the assembly do not listen or care about your opinion. Vice Chair Quinn-Davidson is an excellent communicator who sincerely cares about what you have to say, and will listen to all parts of our community,” Rivera said.

Quinn-Davidson previously served as vice chair of the Assembly. She will be the first female, as well as the first openly gay mayor of Anchorage.

Assembly member Crystal Kennedy also nominated John Weddleton to the position of Assembly chair. She highlighted Weddleton’s experience as a business owner and property manager.

“Being in the mayor’s office, it does function more like a business approach where you’re managing a variety of departments, and certainly personnel,” she said. “And I know Mr. Weddleton has that experience in his business life.”

Assembly clerks conducted an anonymous election, after which clerk Barbara Jones announced Quinn-Davidson is the new chair. The Assembly has not yet decided how it will move forward with an election to permanently fill the mayor’s seat.