Fans show support as Zirkle moves through Kaltag

Shock is the best way to describe the reaction from spectators and mushers alike as news of a rogue snowmachine attack on two well-known mushers broke early Saturday morning.

17 journeys for 17 Iditarod rookies

The vast majority of mushers driving dog teams in this year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race are veterans. The field of rookies is small and their goals are varied, but they’re all taking cues from seasoned veterans.

Dallas Seavey First Iditarod Musher Into White Mountain

Dallas Seavey - the winner of the 2014 Iditarod - is the first musher into White Mountain. He checked in at 10:10 Tuesday morning. Mitch Seavey and Aaron Burmeister are running in second and third place, respectively.

Lanier, Herbst Nearing Cripple in Iditarod

Jim Lanier and Trent Herbst were nearing Cripple about noon on Thursday and leading the field in this year's Iditarod. Mitch Seavey was moving up rapidly in third place and gaining on Lanier and Herbst. Aliy Zirkle, who had led early on, was in fourth position. Chasing those four leaders were defending champion John Baker and Aaron Burmeister. Ray Redington, Jr., Paul Gebhardt and past champion Lance Mackey were running together and chasing the leaders. Cripple marks the official halfway point in the race. The first team to reach Cripple wins a trophy and $3,000 in gold nuggets.

Iditarod Morning: March 19, 2009

The race was won yesterday morning by Lance Mackey, that surprised no one. With fifteen dogs - that did. Download Audio (MP3) Get a...

Iditarod's top 15 are into Nome following Mackey's second championship

Teams continue to pour into Nome this evening, wrapping up their 1,100-mile run on the Iditarod trail. The latest to arrive was DeeDee Jonrowe,...

Iditarod Update: Early Sunday Evening

Lance Mackey and Jeff King continue their two-musher battle to reach Nome first. Both had reached Shaktoolik Sunday afternoon, according to the GPS tracking...

Aaron Burmeister First to Cripple, Leads Iditarod

Aaron Burmeister was the first musher to Cripple Wednesday afternoon, about an hour ahead of Jeff King. Burmeister arrived about 3:26 with 13 dogs. King had 15. Sonny Lindner also reached Cripple Wednesday afternoon. He was racing with 16 dogs.

Summer View of the Iditarod Checkpoint

Iditarod, the namesake of the dogsled race to Nome, doesn't get a lot of visitors, and there is very little left standing that alludes to the gold rush-era importance the town once had, but it was once a bustling hub on the Historic Iditarod Trail that many prospectors journeyed through as they searched for the riches Alaska had to offer, In the summer of 2011, APRN's Josh Edge and KSKA's Kristin Spack had a chance to go out to the ghost towns of Iditarod and Flat, located about 10 miles apart, with Kevin Keeler, from the Bureau of Land Management. Here's a sneak peak inside Iditarod and once of it's focal points, the N.C. Store.

Mushers and Sled Dogs Start to Show Signs of Fatigue on the Yukon River

Iditarod mushers kept volunteers in the Nulato checkpoint busy overnight. Some teams that weren’t expected to stay grabbed a few hours rest in the sleepy Yukon River village, while others who could have used the rest decided to blow through.

Yukon Quest Participants Reflect on 2012 Race

As the 2012 Quest winds down, some mushers are reflecting on a race that never really materialized for them.

Hugh Neff Wins Yukon Quest

Alaskan Hugh Neff has won the Yukon Quest. Neff outran Allen Moore by 26 seconds this morning in Whitehorse, Yukon to take the victory in the 39th running of the sled dog race. The Tok musher had come from behind to win. Neff had trailed Moore by 42 minutes on Monday.

Iditapod: Mushers check in at Manley Hot Springs

In Episode 7, we talk about: Early race trail conditions, new sled-building and packing strategies, and we hear interviews with Dallas Seavey and Lance Mackey.

Iditarod Leaders Resting at White Mountain

Diana Haecker, APRN – White  Mountain The Iditarod leaders are resting in White Mountain this evening. John Baker arrived at the checkpoint at around...

Rohn Buser Wins Kuskokwim 300

Rohn Buser of Big Lake won the Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog race Sunday in Bethel. The 22-year-old beat out a field of veterans including reigning Iditarod champion John Baker of Kotzebue, who finished a half hour later in second place.

Some mushers deck out in “full body armor” to tackle Dalzell Gorge

Even years later, the infamous 2014 conditions along the Dalzell Gorge stretch has left a lasting impression on mushers – one that they bring specialty gear for. Listen now

Mitch Seavey Takes Back Iditarod Lead

Mitch Seavey is back in the Iditarod lead. He passed Jeff King halfway through the run from Koyuk to Elim along the Bering Sea Coast. King surprised everyone by speeding through the Koyuk checkpoint at 8:20 this morning, stopping less than six minutes. That put him out front for most of the day. Mitch Seavey left the checkpoint three hours after King. Aliy Zirkle, Ray Redding Jr and Aaron Burmeister followed a few hours later. APRN trail reporter Emily Schwing is in Koyuk. She says King’s dogs looked good when they passed through the checkpoint.

Yukon Quest Mushers Drop Off Food For The Trail

The start of the Yukon Quest is less than two weeks out, and a key pre race milestone, the food drop was held Saturday. Mushers dropped off bags of food and supplies to be delivered to checkpoints along the thousand mile race trail.

Iditarod set to start under a cloud of scandals

This year the Iditarod is mired in scandals: Fallout from a dog doping fiasco, a musher mutiny, and unprecedented pressure from protest groups. All of which, according to a leaked report, are putting the event’s future in dire jeopardy. Listen now

INTERVIEW: Brent Sass leads Iditarod to the Bering Sea coast

Brent Sass has been hard to catch in this year’s Iditarod. He has camped outside of checkpoints for the majority of the race, stopping only long enough to grab food and supplies, running his team much like he would in Alaska’s other 1,000 mile sled dog race, the Yukon Quest. Download Audio