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Two people carry a large box into a walk-in freezer.

The Trump administration joined with tribes to get vaccines to rural and Indigenous Alaskans. Here’s how.

After a year of pleading for access to COVID-19 testing and protective equipment, tribal health-care leaders say that a vaccine partnership with the Trump administration has brought good access to doses for rural areas and a measure of relief amid an unrelenting public health crisis.
Signs in a window announce covid closures

LISTEN: Alaska jobs expected to slowly return in 2021

Alaska is expected to add jobs in 2021, but at a slow pace.

In rural Alaska, COVID-19 vaccines hitch a ride on planes, sleds and water taxi

Tribal health care providers have mobilized a massive effort that’s delivering thousands of doses to remote parts of the state, evoking the Serum Run that delivered lifesaving diphtheria treatment to Nome a century ago.

As COVID-19 canceled live events, Anchorage residents went analog

"They want comics to read or graphic novels or they want to play a role playing game just to get away from the real world for a few hours."
A woman speaking at a podium

Lisa Murkowski’s been vaccinated, and Sullivan and Young will be, too

Members of Congress are eligible for early access to vaccine doses to help ensure continued functioning of government, and a small number of staffers were also offered shots starting early this week.
Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant is empty on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2020. The normally busy dining room was shut down on Monday to comply with the city's new order.

Anchorage acting mayor to ease COVID-19 restrictions beginning Friday

Bars and restaurants will be able to reopen to indoor service at 25% capacity starting New Year’s Day.
A man stands in a church, wearing a face mask.

How has the coronavirus impacted you or your family?

Help us tell the story of the toll the coronavirus has taken on Alaska.

Number of unsentenced Alaskans behind bars climbs under COVID-19 court, prison constraints

Jury trials remain suspended, and many people have no idea when they will get their day in court. Plus, defense attorneys say their inability to meet with clients put a damper on resolving cases through plea deals.

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