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Gloved hands holding a tray filled with syringes

Moderna asks FDA to authorize first COVID-19 vaccine for very young children

The company said two doses of the vaccine administered 28 days apart triggered levels of antibodies equivalent to what has protected older children and adults.
A white cruise ship at port

Cruise destinations in Alaska see surge in COVID cases

Communities with some of the state's highest case counts — and sharpest increases — include those frequently visited by cruise ships, like Skagway, Petersburg and Sitka.
A woman seen in profile, with her shadow cast on the side of a house

Their mom died of COVID. They say conspiracy theories are what really killed her.

Stephanie was usually careful about her health and regular vaccinations. But then she got into sharing far-out videos and fringe ideas. When COVID hit, misinformation put her and her husband at risk.
A hand holding a mask

The U.S. Justice Department will appeal the recent mask ruling by a federal judge

The CDC continues to recommend that people wear masks in all indoor public transportation settings and says "wearing masks is most beneficial in crowded or poorly ventilated locations, such as the transportation corridor."

Coronavirus FAQ: I’m a one-way masker. With mask mandates going away, is that helpful?

Even as mask mandates on transportation and public spaces are being lifted, some folks still want to mask up to reduce the risk of a coronavirus infection. Here's a guide to one-way masking.
A moose stands in a snowy train track with a yellow train engine behind it

Wolverines, lynx and moose: Fish and Game screens wildlife for COVID

Biologists are collecting samples from moose and mustelids — that’s wolverines, minks and martens. There are plans to test caribou and Sitka black tail deer, as well as seals and belugas.

US life expectancy falls for 2nd year in a row

Despite the availability of life-saving COVID-19 vaccines, so many people died in the second year of the pandemic in the U.S. that the nation's life expectancy dropped for a second year in a row last year, according to a new analysis.
a person administers a vaccine to another person

Second boosters available as BA.2 omicron variant spreads

People over 50 and immunocompromised people can receive a second booster four months after their first booster. Pfizer and Moderna boosters are available for those who received a Johnson and Johnson first dose or booster.

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