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Letter asking for vote on second PFD payment reflects differences among Alaska Republican senators

The unusual letter to Senate Finance Committee co-chairs Bert Stedman and Click Bishop said “action must be taken” on Senate Bill 4001, requested by Gov. Mike Dunleavy.
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A redistricting proposal has left Homer neighbors feeling stranded, highlighting a complex process

Under the state’s redistricting process, one proposal would have residents of communities near Homer in the same legislative district as Kodiak, which is 140 miles away by water. It's drawing concerns from some Alaskans and highlights the challenges the board is up against.
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Alaska House members pitch PFD changes that aim to solve long-term budget problem

Under three of the proposals, dividends would be bigger than the checks Alaskans have gotten in recent years. But they would still be smaller than what Gov. Mike Dunleavy wants.
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Alaska state senators differ on PFD path as committees fail to meet during first half of special session

Alaska state senators are split over Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s plans to change the dividend and how to pay for it. The fourth special session is halfway over, and while some House committees have met, none have met in the Senate.

Alaska lawmakers say they want compromise on PFD, but it’s unclear how they’ll get there

The Alaska Legislature didn’t hold a single meeting during the first week of the fourth special session.
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Housing and schools are obstacles for Alaska military families, leaders say

Air Force Lt. Gen. David Krumm said the Air Force isn’t allowing service members to bring their families to Eielson Air Force Base near Fairbanks due to a lack of housing.

Alaskans continue to weigh in on proposed maps by Redistricting Board

Which Anchorage neighborhoods should share the same legislative districts was the focus of a hearing on Monday.

COVID testing requirements will return to Alaska Capitol amid recent surge

The updated policy requires those who work in the Capitol to be tested every four days and to isolate if they test positive.
people in wooden desks on the floor of the Alaska House of Representatives

Alaska’s fourth special session begins with legislators unable to agree on when to meet

The Alaska Legislature began its fourth special session of the year on Monday. There are big disagreements between lawmakers on major policies. But it’s also not clear if they can even agree on how frequently to meet over the 30-day session. 

Permanent Fund Corp. CEO raises questions after trustee proposes cutting staff pay

The Alaska Permanent Fund Corp.'s top executive, Angela Rodell, is asking whether the corporation's trustees are committed to the corporation’s independence.
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Alaska Speaker of the House asks Gov. Dunleavy to cancel special session during COVID-19 surge

Alaska House Speaker Louise Stutes urged Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Friday to cancel the special session scheduled to start on Monday, citing the COVID-19 surge.
People waitiing in line at a counter at the PFD office

The final amount for Alaskans’ PFD this year is $1,114

Alaskans who filed electronically and chose direct deposit will receive their PFDs the week of Oct. 11. Those receiving a paper check will start to receive their dividends the week of Oct. 25. 
A map of Alaska is sectioned off in different colors.

Alaska Redistricting Board’s first drafts draw criticism and alternate plans

In one draft map, seven Democratic representatives were combined in three districts, while no Republicans were.
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Hackers had access to Alaskans’ private health information, state says

When the state health department's website was breached earlier this year, hackers had access to the private health information of Alaskans, the state announced on Thursday.

Gov. Dunleavy urges Alaskans to get vaccinated, his most forceful message yet

“I strongly urge folks to get a vaccine — strongly urge them to do that,” said Gov. Dunleavy.
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Alaska lawmakers land on $1,100 PFDs, Dunleavy calls another special session

Gov. Mike Dunleavy called the Legislature into a fourth special session starting on Oct. 1. He issued the call on Tuesday after the Legislature passed a bill setting the PFD amount for this year. 

Alaska PFD remains unresolved as special session nears end

The Legislature's third special session must end by midnight.
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Lawmakers stop working on bill to aid Alaska hospitals facing COVID-19 surge

The bill became caught up in a dispute over requiring all hospitals to allow any patients to bring a person who supports them during any treatment.
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Alaska Sen. Reinbold excused from floor sessions after being banned from Alaska Airlines

Alaska Sen. Lora Reinbold has been excused from attending Senate floor sessions through next January after Alaska Airlines banned her from flights for refusing to wear a face mask.

Alaska could have trouble paying its bills as funding dispute continues

Alaska’s state government may have trouble paying its bills over the next year, due to a dispute over taking funds from the piggy bank the state has used to balance the budget in the...