Andrew Kitchenman, Alaska Public Media & KTOO - Juneau


Both chambers passed bills focused on public education Saturday. House Bill 339 would increase state aid to school districts by $100 per student into the future. Listen now

Federal and state law require certain Medicaid funding. The Senate’s Medicaid funding levels fall short of state projections for that obligation. Listen now

He will continue to serve as the chairman of the Legislative Council and the House Labor and Commerce Committee. Listen now

“The bottom line was the National Rifle Association wasn’t willing to support a bill that allowed the ex-parte order to seize weapons,” Rep. Matt Claman said. Listen now

The vote came after the Senate defeated 24 proposed amendments, including one that would have raised permanent fund dividends to the full amount. Listen now

The biggest difference from the House budget is that the Senate bill does not include $1.28 billion for school funding. The Senate would provide that money in separate legislation.

The bill was changed so that it won’t affect the use of electronic cigarettes or marijuana. It also would allow municipalities to opt out of the workplace smoking ban. Listen now

Opposition to Linden’s appointment to the Board of Certified Direct-Entry Midwives was centered on Planned Parenthood’s role in providing abortions. Listen now

It’s not clear which bills lawmakers will pass in the remaining days, other than those related to the budget. Listen now

Three pieces of legislation were scheduled to receive a hearing Saturday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Only one received brief consideration, after which Committee Chairman Sen. John Coghill, a North Pole Republican, abruptly ended the hearing early. Listen now

The Legislature is on track to break the record for fewest bills passed in a year, with only five so far this year compared with the current record-low of 32 last year. Listen now

The Senate Finance Committee draft budget would cut $98 million to fund the operations of state government from the House’s version of the budget. Listen now

The decision would allow Gov. Bill Walker to run in the primary if he chooses to. It may affect some Republican primaries, too, for legislators the party doesn’t want on their ticket. Listen now

In the last two decades, Norway has made a series of changes to lower their recidivism rate — the rate people convicted of crimes re-offend. These changes include making life in prison look a lot more like normal life. Listen now

Any changes the Senate makes in the budget would likely be worked out in a conference committee. Listen now

The House had been stalled for days, when the majority split over the size of the PFD. Six members of the majority reversed their position. Listen now

Since the majority couldn’t agree on the dividend, it can’t agree on the overall size of the budget. The added dividend money would cost $892 million. Listen now

It's not clear how the House will fund the dividends. And it's not clear what will happen to the PFD in the Senate. Listen now

Minority caucus Republicans offered amendments that would cut $28 million, but none passed. Listen now

Sheldon Fisher didn’t champion any individual tax during his confirmatin hearing. Afterward, he said the biggest source of new revenue should be a draw on Alaska Permanent Fund earnings. Listen now