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Alaska Gov. Dunleavy didn’t have power to extend appointees’ terms, judge rules

A Juneau Superior Court judge has ruled that Gov. Mike Dunleavy didn’t have the power to extend many of his appointees’ terms late last year after the Legislature failed to meet to confirm them.
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Alaska House organizes — without clear majority

The Alaska House of Representatives organized on Thursday, but without either caucus able to claim most of the members.
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Gov. Dunleavy to Sen. Reinbold: ‘The misinformation must end’

Dunleavy wrote fellow Republican Lora Reinbold a letter on Thursday saying she has “abdicated the tenets” of her oath of office after she attacked his administration’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Alaska chief justice defends judicial selection process, as senator introduces bill to change it

Wasilla Republican Sen. Mike Shower has introduced a bill that would give the governor the power to directly appoint district and appeals court judges.
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Party of principles or party of Trump: Murkowski says Republicans must choose

“I’m not a Democrat. And so I continue to be a Republican, but I am not a Trump Republican," said Murkowski at the Alaska State Capitol in Juneau. Murkowski is facing censure from state the state Republican party.

Mostly Democratic majority forms in Alaska House, seeks to add Republicans

After a month-long stalemate, the dam has finally broken in Alaska's State House. With a new majority, speaker and committee assignments, legislators can finally get to work.
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Stutes elected as Alaska House speaker, breaking deadlock

Kodiak Republican Rep. Louise Stutes was elected Alaska House speaker on Thursday, breaking a deadlock on the 24th day of the legislative session.
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Dunleavy asks Alaskans to be aware of COVID-19 pandemic misinformation

Gov. Mike Dunleavy warned Alaskans away from “misinformation” regarding the pandemic and his administration’s response to it. He encouraged people to challenge those making allegations.
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State scrambles to maintain COVID-19 response effort as disaster declaration nears expiration

State officials are scrambling to determine if they’ll still be able to allocate vaccines and determine who’s eligible if the state’s COVID-19 disaster declaration expires at 12:01 a.m. on Monday.
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If Legislature fails to act, Alaska’s vaccine plan and testing mandate face uncertainty

When Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s pandemic disaster declaration expires this weekend, the state will lose a wide range of special powers to respond to COVID-19.
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How many Alaskans died from COVID-19? ‘Excess death’ count sheds some light

A new report found 529 excess deaths, more than twice as many as the 255 deaths Alaska doctors have determined the coronavirus disease caused in 2020. But it's not clear what caused them.
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Josiah Patkotak elected speaker in unorganized Alaska House of Representatives

Independent Representative Josiah Patkotak from Utqiagvik will preside over the House until there’s a permanent speaker.
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11 days after appointment, Alaska Attorney General Ed Sniffen leaving job

Alaska Attorney General Ed Sniffen is leaving his position 11 days after Gov. Mike Dunleavy appointed him.
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Dunleavy talks pandemic, big dividends and resource development in virtual State of the State address

Gov. Mike Dunleavy explained his approach to the COVID-19 pandemic and called for large permanent fund dividend payments and developing Alaska’s resources in his third State of the State address on Thursday.
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Gov. Dunleavy proposes bill to extend Alaska’s COVID-19 disaster declaration through September

Gov. Mike Dunleavy proposed a bill to Alaska’s legislature on Monday that would extend the state’s COVID-19 public health disaster declaration through September.
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Concerns raised about the future of Alaska’s foster care system under Dunleavy plan to split state health department

Tribal organizations, advocates for foster children and the largest state worker union are all voicing their concerns.
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Alaska Senate announces committee members, Sen. Hoffman returns as only Democrat in majority

This ensures that the mostly Republican Senate majority will have at least one Democrat for the seventh straight year. Hoffman has been the only majority Democrat since 2017.
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Gov. Dunleavy says he’s open to working with President Biden but will oppose blocking development

“Alaska’s viewed very differently by the rest of this country,” Dunleavy said in an interview. “And they don’t necessarily see this as a sovereign state. But they see it as a vision of a larger park. In 1959, that was not the vision.”
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On first day of Alaska legislative session, Senate organizes while House deadlocks

Soldotna Republican Sen. Peter Micciche was chosen as the Senate president.
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Proposal would allow Alaska lawmakers to vote remotely this session

Alaska lawmakers adopted a proposal Monday that would allow legislators to vote remotely through the same digital voting board as those in the Capitol building.