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In address to Legislature, Sullivan slams Biden resource decisions

In an address to a joint session in the Legislature, Sullivan said Alaska’s economy benefited from a series of decisions by former President Trump’s administration.
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Lawmakers reject $3,000 dividend during weekend debate

Early in a marathon day of floor sessions on Saturday, the Alaska House of Representatives rejected a proposal to pay permanent fund dividends of more than $3,000 this year.
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House committee votes against $3,000 PFDs

The Alaska House Finance Committee rejected a proposal on Thursday that would have paid out Permanent Fund dividends of roughly $3,000 this year.
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Alaska lawmakers pass COVID-19 disaster declaration bill, with $8 million in federal food aid on the line

The Legislature faced a tight deadline for getting the bill to Dunleavy’s desk. Some Alaskans would lose $8 million in federal food aid if he doesn’t sign the bill into law by Friday.
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Alaska voting reform proposals reflect national divide

A Republican senator has proposed a bill he said would make elections more secure. But it’s raising concerns among advocates for making it easier to vote who favor a bill proposed by a Democratic House member.
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Alaska House bill would fund schools ahead of time, prevent pink slips

House Bill 169 would fund education ahead of the rest of the state budget, to avoid teachers and other school staff receiving layoff notices next month. This happens when the Legislature goes deep into May without passing a budget, triggering notices required under teachers’ contracts.
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Senate votes to remove Reinbold as chair of Judiciary Committee

The Alaska Senate voted 17-1 to remove Republican Eagle River Sen. Lora Reinbold as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.
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Alaska to offer vaccines to visitors as part of plan to boost tourism

State officials acknowledged that the U.S.’s relatively high vaccination rate compared with other countries could make Alaska’s offer attractive internationally.
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Alaska would be first state to use blockchain-based voting system under proposed bill

The bill would also require most voters to use an added step to verify their identity, known as multi-factor authentication.
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Gov. Dunleavy orders investigation into state disclosure of personal information with Anchorage

On Thursday, Gov. Mike Dunleavy ordered an investigation after the state shared individuals’ personal information with Anchorage’s municipal government without authorization, the governor’s office said.
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Senators unveil bill to extend, limit Alaska disaster declaration as deadline for food aid looms

Some Alaska state senators are aiming to pass a bill that would extend Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s disaster declaration, but with more limited powers than were in place until mid-February in order to continue providing food aid and assist in other COVID-19 response areas.
A man in a zip up windbreaker speaks at a podium in front of a float plane

Gov. Dunleavy announces national Alaska tourism ad campaign to counter ‘death grapple’ with CDC

The CDC’s position is just one federal issue that could prevent cruise ships from coming to Alaska. Another is a federal law that requires cruise ships headed to Alaska to stop in Canada, which won’t allow stops until next year.

Alaska legislators apologize after breaking COVID rules by bringing friends for ping-pong, basketball at Capitol gym

Members of the public who are barred from the state Capitol complex due to pandemic safety rules attended a social gathering with legislators in a complex building last week.

Much work remains for state budget that’s seen few changes so far

Behind schedule but moving forward, Alaska's state budget will be open for public testimony this week. So far, the House finance committee has made few large changes to the budget as proposed by Gov. Dunleavy.

Former troopers head Cockrell named Alaska public safety commissioner

Former head of the Alaska State Troopers Jim Cockrell has been appointed the new commissioner of the Department of Public Safety by Gov. Mike Dunleavy.
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Alaska justices question Legislature’s ability to budget for schools, other items in future years

The questioning happened during oral arguments in a lawsuit between Gov. Mike Dunleavy on one side and the Legislative Council and school funding advocates on the other.
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Federal rescue package complicates annual Alaska Permanent Fund dividend debate

With thousands of dollars in direct payments to Alaskans already coming from the federal government, lawmakers have to decide whether to fight for a hefty PFD for Alaskans that would drain state savings.
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Alaska House passes disaster extension, sends bill to Senate where narrower legislation could emerge

Dunleavy opposes the extension, saying the state no longer needs to be in a state of emergency. That’s a change since Dunleavy proposed the bill earlier this year before the declaration expired.
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Former Alaska House Speaker Gail Phillips dies

Phillips was born in Juneau, grew up in Nome and later lived in Fairbanks, Anchorage and Homer.
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Attorney General nominee defends Dunleavy’s pandemic response at confirmation

Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor defended Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic during a confirmation hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.