Andrew Kitchenman, APRN & KTOO - Juneau


If Gov. Bill Walker signs Senate Bill 54, American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska lawyer Tara Rich expects defense attorneys to file lawsuits almost immediately. Listen now

If the Legislature doesn’t act to close the budget gap, the permanent fund earnings reserve account would fall to zero in about 10 years. Listen now

The impasse is a result of the two chambers having different views on the two bills on the special session agenda. Listen now

Legal experts say flaw in bill could lead to provision from unpopular Senate Bill 91 remaining in place. Listen now

The national reckoning with sexual harassment has reached Juneau. Both chambers of the Alaska Legislature are seeking to make changes to their sexual harassment policies, lawmakers said Thursday. Listen now

Alaska’s state government will have a roughly $600 million gap between how much it spends and how much it raises, State budget director Pat Pitney says. Listen now

After a series of contentious votes on amendments, 32 House members voted for Senate Bill 54, while eight voted against it early Tuesday morning. Listen now

An amendment would have repealed most of the law that lowered jail terms for many crimes. Listen now
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The bill’s cost could reduce the savings from Senate Bill 91 by roughly 7 percent. Listen now

Department of Corrections officials estimate the new bill could cost between $1.6 million and just over $4.3 million dollars. Listen now

With thousands of alleged violations, the total damages would be more than $50 million. Listen now

Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth said reducing crime will take enhanced collaboration across different departments. Listen now

Today ends the first week of the Legislature’s fourth special session. Alaska Public Media's Zachariah Hughes spoke with KTOO’s Andrew Kitchenman about where things stand. Listen now

Rep. Chuck Kopp has proven to be a key vote, largely sticking to Alaska Criminal Justice Commission recommendations. Listen now

Alaskans disturbed about rising crime are focusing their anger on a law passed more than a year ago, Senate Bill 91. Listen now

The House Judiciary heard a variety of proposed changes to Senate Bill 54. The bill would scale back some of the reductions in criminal sentencing enacted last year. Listen now

Of the two items on the special session agenda, there appears to be more urgency to pass the crime bill. Listen now

It’s not clear whether independent Gov. Bill Walker will run in the primary. A campaign spokesperson said Walker could not comment because it is a pending legal matter to which the state is a party. Listen now

“They’re calling it GTA, grand theft Anchorage, right now,” Rep. Lora Reinbold said. She wants to repeal Senate Bill 91. “It’s outrageous, what’s going on in the city that I love.” Listen now

The Department of Corrections spokeswoman cites confidentiality in declining to provide more information. Listen now