Angela Denning, KFSK - Petersburg

Angela Denning is a reporter at KFSK in Petersburg.

Southeast summer Dungeness harvest the worst in decades

The commercial harvest for Dungeness crab in Southeast Alaska this summer was the lowest in several decades. But it might not be a complete bust. The harvest numbers only tell part of the story.

Petersburg school uses Minecraft video game in student led program

The video game Minecraft is being used in Petersburg’s 7th grade computer science class to teach students basic programming skills. It’s a student led program that has high schoolers designing the curriculum. Listen now

Remote controlled kayaks ready for research at LeConte Glacier

LeConte Glacier near Petersburg has been the focus of a lot of research lately. It’s the southern-most tide water glacier in the northern hemisphere and scientists have been studying it to give them a better idea of glacial retreat and sea level rise around the world. But to get close to the glacier, which is constantly calving, a team of scientists is relying on unmanned, remote controlled kayaks. Listen now

Fishermen forced to share pounds in herring fishery

New restrictions are being put into place for the upcoming spawn-on-kelp herring fishery in Southeast Alaska to address a declining population. For the first time, fishermen are required to share spawning structures with several others. Listen now

State cuts will stifle Southeast’s economic growth

Southeast Alaska has seen economic growth in the last five years but that growth could soon be stalled by state budget cuts. That was the message being shared at the Southeast Conference going on in Petersburg this week. Listen Now

Two people help preserve the history of Alaska’s canned seafood

There used to be hundreds of seafood canneries all along Alaska’s coastline. Two people are involved in documenting and preserving some of that rich history in order to share it with others.

Girl Scouts camp promotes leadership skills in Petersburg

Girl Scouts of Alaska came to Petersburg last week to hold a weeklong day camp. Girls ages kindergarten through junior high participated in the events, many of which happened outdoors.

Southeast pink harvest expected to be below recent years

The largest salmon harvest in Southeast Alaska, the pink salmon fishery, is ramping up. Harvests are forecasted to be below recent years.

Northern Alaska Peninsula has strong 2016 sockeye returns

The sockeye salmon run returning to the Stikine River near Petersburg and Wrangell was predicted to be good, but it’s turning out to be even better than expected. Listen now

Two die in Petersburg car wreck; parade and carnival canceled

A single vehicle accident this morning in Petersburg has left two dead and two injured. The community’s 4th of July parade and carnival has been canceled in response.

Scientists use deer pellet DNA to study populations in Southeast Alaska

Deer populations around Petersburg’s Mitkof Island have been low in recent years. Hunters are only allowed to shoot one buck in a two-week open season in October. Keeping track of the population is difficult in a mountainous terrain covered in forest. Now, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game is using DNA studies to help fill in the gaps.

Antique fire trucks in Petersburg get road ready

Petersburg’s fire department has two antique fire trucks in its fleet that are being overhauled. One man is volunteering his time to get the vehicles back on the road in top condition.

Deadly bat disease spreading; residents asked to help survey the flying mammals

A disease that’s killed millions of bats on the East Coast was recently found in Washington state. Experts fear it’s only a matter of time before it reaches Alaska. Very little is known about bats in the state. To help learn more about bats in Southeast region the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has started a program that asks the public to help survey the flying mammals. Download Audio

Commercial fishing to be opened for Stikine River kings

This year’s run of King salmon on the Stikine River is projected to be small but still large enough for limited commercial fishing near Petersburg. Download Audio

Aging Southeast: Bunking with the family in Petersburg

Some Southeast Alaska families have stayed with the tradition of helping loved ones age in place. Elders live at home, with children and grandchildren, instead of moving into assisted living or a nursing home. It’s a friendlier and lower-cost option for older residents of the region, whose numbers are growing faster than the state as a whole. As part of CoastAlaska’s Aging Southeast series, we talk to one Petersburg family with four generations living under the same roof. Download Audio

New life raft regulations for fishing boats no longer required

Commercial fishermen scrambling to buy life rafts for their boats this winter can rest a little easier. Congress has changed a new law that would have required life rafts for fishing boats traveling at least three miles off shore. Download Audio
An Alexander Archipelago wolf. Photo courtesy of ADF&G

ESA listing denied for Southeast wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Tuesday announced that wolves in Southeast Alaska do not warrant an endangered species listing. The decision comes four years after a petition was filed by conservation groups asking for greater protection for the wolves. Download Audio

Southeast Dungeness crab harvest below average

Most areas in Southeast closed to commercial fall fishing for Dungeness crab on Nov. 30. The State has crunched the numbers and the season was below average in both harvest and participation.

Petersburg man convicted of driving salmon with explosives

Forty-three-year-old Andrew Kittams was found guilty in court of driving salmon from closed waters while commercial seine fishing.

AK: 100-year-old artifacts in building’s walls tell of early Norwegian settlers

Workers remodeling one of Petersburg’s oldest buildings have uncovered Norwegian artifacts dating back a century. The items are linked to some of the town’s earliest Norwegian settlers. And one woman in town is helping to make sure these treasures are preserved for future generations. Download Audio: