Angela Denning, KFSK - Petersburg

Angela Denning is a reporter at KFSK in Petersburg.

Subsistence Fishermen To Be Represented Pro Bono

About 25 subsistence fishermen along the Kuskokwim River will soon head to trial for alleged illegal fishing during closures this past summer. Many of them are being represented for free by a civil rights law firm.

Bethel Police ID Man Killed In Officer-Related Shooting

The man that was shot dead by Bethel police officers Tuesday night has been identified as Sam Alexie Jr. , 24. He was allegedly pointing a rifle at officers before they shot him.

Bethel Road Reopening Delayed At Least One Year

It’s been four years since the road that created a loop around Bethel has been closed. It has forced traffic to maneuver through town via a horse shoe shaped road system. The town’s 6,000 residents will have to wait at least another year before it can re-open.

Bethel Police Shoot, Kill Man

A Bethel man died Tuesday night after police officers shot him. The Bethel Police Department has not released the name of the person, saying they still need to contact his next of kin and confirm his identity.

AK: Off Course

They say birds of a feather flock together. But try telling that to a small, brightly colored songbird that showed up in Bethel last month. The unusual bird is thousands of miles outside of his normal range. And he hasn't started flying south yet. That has many birders wondering why he sticking around and if he's going to try to survive the harsh Alaska winter.

Airport Construction Complicates Bethel Air Traffic

The Bethel airport is the third busiest passenger airport and the second busiest cargo airport in the state. But air traffic has been more complicated this summer because of on-going construction at the airport. High winds, which are common in the region, are all it takes for a flight delay or cancellation.

State Wants Red Devil Mine On National Priority List

Cleanup at the Red Devil mine site is getting special attention from the state’s administration. Attorney General, Mike Geraghty, under the direction of the Governor is requesting that the old mercury mine site be put on the National Priorities List.

Famous Skin Sewer Dies at Over 100

One of most renowned Yup’ik skin sewers has died. Lucy Beaver passed away in Anchorage August 23. No one’s exactly sure how old she was but they agree she was at least over 100.

Navy Seal author remembered by Aniak residents

It’s not everyday that a person from a tiny remote village in Alaska gets national attention. But that’s what’s happening to Matt Bissonnette, a former Navy Seal who has penned a book titled “No Easy Day”, about killing Osama Bin Laden.

Two Kwethluk Men Drown In Separate Incidents

Two men from the Kuskokwim village of Kwethluk drowned in separate incidents within the past week.

Southwest Hydro Project Hits Roadblock

The Chikuminuk Lake Hydropower project in Southwest Alaska has hit a road block early on. A permit request for field studies has been denied by the State Department of Natural Resources because the project is in the Wood-Tikchik State Park.

AVCP Requests Clemency For Cited Kuskokwim Subsistence Fishermen

The Association of Village Council Presidents is officially asking for clemency for Kuskokwim River subsistence fishermen cited during closures. AVCP represents 56 tribes in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Kuskokwim Subsistence Fishermen Going To Trial For Fishing With Illegal Gear

About two dozen Kuskokwim River subsistence fishermen will go to trial in the Bethel Court House after pleading not guilty to fishing with illegal gear. Federal and State wildlife managers closed the Kuskokwim to salmon fishing for an unprecedented 12 days this summer in order to protect the low Chinook salmon run.

Delegation Seeks Federal Disaster Declaration To Address Subsistence Needs

The Chinook salmon runs are turning out to be poor on both the Yukon and Kuskowkim Rivers this season. Alaska’s Congressional Delegation is seeking a federal disaster declaration to address subsistence needs in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Officials Hesitant To Open Commercial Chinook Fishery On Lower Kuskokwim

The Chum and Sockeye salmon are running strong in the Lower Kuskokwim River, but state fish managers are reluctant to call a commercial fishery as they normally would. There are too many coveted Chinook salmon still running, and protecting that species is this year’s priority.

Salmon Fishing Restrictions Down

As the Sockeye and Chum runs pick up on the Kuskokwim River, salmon fishing restrictions have eased for lower river fishers. Download Audio

Officials Monitoring Subsistence Closures

The poor King run and subsistence closures in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Rivers have State and Federal officials monitoring the situation from afar.

Officials Issue 33 Citations For Illegal Fishing On Kuskokwim

Alaska Wildlife Troopers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seized 21 nets and more than 1,000 pounds of salmon along the Kuskokwim River yesterday. They also handed out 33 citations to fishermen protesting the subsistence King salmon closures. KYUK’s Angela Denning-Barnes got out on the river and spoke with some residents as they fished.

Subsistence Users Protesting Kuskokwim Closures

Subsistence fishing for King salmon is happening on the Kuskokwim River to protest the closures currently in place.

Kuskokwim Hit With Another Salmon Fishing Closure

Kuskokwim subsistence fishermen are getting hit with a double whammy. Another emergency salmon fishing closure has been announced, extending the current closures to 12 days. The fishing restriction is controversial and was not approved by a regional advisory group of fishers.