Anna Rose MacArthur, KYUK - Bethel

Anna Rose MacArthur is a reporter at KYUK in Bethel.

‘It felt like we were all connected.’ Akiak teen returns from U.N. climate summit

For 17-year-old Carl Smith of Akiak, the climate crisis became real one night while driving the ice road to Bethel.

Akiak boy among those who filed legal complaint about climate change with a United Nations committee

The complaint alleges that five countries are violating children’s rights by failing to curb fossil fuel emissions and reduce the effects of the climate crisis.

Study: As alcohol access increases in Bethel, so do demands on health and safety responders

The study examined more than a decade of data from law enforcement, health providers, state agencies and non-profits.

Napakiak school fuel tanks transported to Bethel between Fall storms

The U.S. Coast Guard ordered the Lower Kuskokwim School District to empty the tanks to prevent an environmental disaster as the eroding Kuskokwim riverbank advanced towards the fuel site.

Typhoon morphs into fall storm expected to hit Kuskokwim Delta

Image from the National Weather Service Anchorage Office on Sept. 10, 2019 showing current hazards — purple means storm warning. (Image credit National Weather Service) A fall storm forming over the...

Private plane heavy with muskox meat crashes on Nunivak Island

The four-seater aircraft crashed shortly after taking off near Cape Corwin, about 50 miles south of the community of Mekoryuk.

Elders rescued moose hunters on the Kuskokwim River. Now the hunters are looking for them to say ‘thank you’

After choppy waters capsized their boat near Bethel, Jason Jarrett, his friend and his teenage son were rescued by two Elders — but they were too shaken up to ask for their names.

Sec. DeVos, Sen. Sullivan respond to questions on erosion threatened schools

When asked during her stop in Nome what federal resources the U.S. Department of Education could provide, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos she made no promises.

With 24-hr extension, LKSD meets deadline to transfer Napakiak fuel

The school district finished transferring the 36,000 gallons of diesel Saturday afternoon ⁠— but the community wishes action had happened sooner.

Bethel Iditarod champion Pete Kaiser to deliver 2019 AFN keynote address

Pete Kaiser, last year’s Iditarod Champion and Bethel’s own hometown hero, will deliver the Keynote Address at this year's Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.

Plans for moving Napakiak school fuel tanks to develop at pace of erosion

There is a dire situation developing on the lower Kuskokwim River. The river is approaching the Napakiak school fuel tanks, and inside those tanks sit 34,000 gallons of diesel. Meanwhile, the season of fall storms lies ahead.

New water tests show Bethel lead and copper levels meet federal standards

A large infrastructure project last fall is the suspected cause of elevated copper and lead levels discovered at some locations in Bethel’s City Subdivision.

Napakiak loses access to a main road as riverbank erosion persists

Storms tore more land away from Napakiak’s already heavily eroded riverbank in early August. About eight feet of bank fell into the Kuskokwim River, adding to the more than 100 feet of shoreline that has already been lost this year.

Why has Bethel been so wet? It’s been swimming in an atmospheric river

An “atmospheric river" is what it sounds like - a channel of very moist air coursing across the globe, up in the air. And it’s what’s been drenching parts of Alaska, including the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.
Bethel city water testing from September 2018 shows levels of copper exceeding federal standards in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Fitness Center water system. (Photo by Christine Trudeau, KYUK - Bethel)

Bethel water testing shows lead and copper levels exceeding federal standards

Bethel residents are being advised to take precautions after elevated levels of lead and copper were found in the city’s drinking water from select locations. The city is awaiting results from additional tests and discussing solutions.
Fishermen found dead chum salmon lining the banks of the Koyukuk River. (Photo courtesy of ADF&G)

Scientists need help studying dead salmon in Yukon area

Dead chum salmon are lining the banks of one of the Yukon River’s largest tributaries. Koyukuk River residents and scientists alike suspect the deaths are related to the river’s warm water. A team of scientists headed to the river on July 26 to gather data.
(Photo by Katie Basile, KYUK - Bethel)

Record warm water likely gave Kuskokwim salmon heart attacks

Never-before-seen temperatures in the Kuskokwim River likely sent salmon into cardiac arrest.

Questions surrounding Supreme Court decision mean no federal officers patrolling Lower Kuskokwim

A U.S. Supreme Court decision is impacting the enforcement of fishing regulations on the Kuskokwim River. For the first time in at least seven years, no federal wildlife officers are patrolling the lower Kuskokwim River during king salmon season.

If you’ve reported a sexual assault to Alaska State Troopers, a UAA researcher wants to hear from you

Alaska has one of the nation’s highest rates of sexual assault, and the state wants to improve how it responds to people who report these crimes to state troopers. A researcher leading a study on the topic is asking for help.

Napakiak mourns after two prisoners die in jail fire

Two prisoners died early Sunday morning when flames engulfed the Napakiak jail.