Anna Rose MacArthur, KYUK - Bethel

Anna Rose MacArthur is a reporter at KYUK in Bethel.

The Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog Race has taken an unprecedented turn: For the first time, the race will run two laps to its halfway point and back because of warm weather and open water. Listen now

Both Platinum and Quinhagak are applying for aid following a high-speed wind storm that ripped through the communities days before Christmas. Listen now

Sled dog racing season officially began on the Kuskokwim this weekend. Listen now

A father’s body has been recovered from the Kuskokwim River after he and his family fell through a marked, open hole the night of New Year’s Eve. Bethel Search and Rescue says that the five survivors are okay and urges everyone to use overland trails to travel upriver. Listen now

It’s the second winter since Bethel opened a liquor store, and the demand on Bethel Search and Rescue to help people who’ve been drinking has more than doubled since last year. It's been a challenge for the all-volunteer organization to keep up with demand. They are looking for more members and hoping that some of the surrounding villages will help. Listen now

Bethel Search and Rescue needs help. On a nearly nightly basis this winter, the all-volunteer group has been called to assist people who are intoxicated and have lost their way on the surrounding trails. The group says that about 70 percent of their calls come from the Bethel Police Department. Now Bethel Search and Rescue wants BPD to match its resources with the organization's services. Listen now

More and more programs have sprung up locally to familiarize students with trades and professions in the hopes of getting more Alaska Natives employed. That’s what the University of Alaska Anchorage did 20 years ago for Alaska Native nurses. The program is called RRANN: Recruiting and Retaining Alaska Natives into Nursing. Listen now

Donlin Gold has taken another step toward opening its proposed mine. State regulators have sent Donlin a draft permit for discharging wastewater into Crooked Creek before it flows into the Kuskokwim River. Listen now

A big storm forecasted for the Yukon Delta wasn’t that big after all, but the area isn’t in the clear. A blizzard warning is now in effect until noon on Thursday.

Walk into a courtroom, a legislative office, the Governor’s Mansion, or any public space in Alaska and you’ll find art. Masks, paintings, textiles, sculptures. Each piece created by Alaska artists, curated by the state, and held in the Alaska Art Bank. A Yup’ik mask from Bethel artist Ben Charles is one of its recent acquisitions. Listen now

Bethel’s Native Youth Olympic Invitational went on as scheduled. Teams arrived by boat and small planes through thick fog to compete in the traditional games of strength and endurance at Bethel’s Gladys Jung Elementary School. Listen now

Powerlifter Natalie Hanson has broken a world record. Friday morning, the former Bethel resident squatted 603 pounds in the women’s 185 pound weight class at the World Open Powerlifting Championship in the Czech Republic. The record is more than three times Hanson’s body weight. Listen now

The lights are back on in Newtok. After three days without electricity, power returned to the village Sunday evening. Listen now

At the Alaska Federation of Natives Convention, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recognized Tuntutuliak elder James Charles as a “Conservation Hero.” Listen now

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) held its annual conference the same week as the Alaska Federation of Natives convention. The national tribal advocacy group passed a resolution urging the federal government to restore the Northern Bering Sea Climate Resilience Area as originally issued and to incorporate traditional knowledge “into all federal decision-making that would affect the northern Bering Sea region.” Listen now

KYUK has begun adding to the web its self-proclaimed world’s largest collection of Yup’ik and Cup’ik videos. The collection captures glimpses of nearly half a century of life on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, and for the first time is becoming available to anyone searching the web. Listen now

Taking a moose usually means carrying home 500 pounds of meat. Cutting and preparing that meat can take all day. But Bill Howell can do it in a few hours. Add another Bill and they can do it in half. Bethel has a small shop where customers come with legs and torsos, and leave with packages of steaks, ribs, roasts, and other tasty meats. Listen now

Desa Jacobsson is remembered for her weeks long fasts and multiple arrests to call attention to violence against Alaska Native women, Native rights, subsistence, and environmental issues. Listen now

A two-year-long investigation culminated today with the charging of 23 Bethel residents, most of them cab drivers, for allegedly selling alcohol without a license.Listen now

Increased control over natural resources, like fish, is a top priority for Kuskokwim tribes. One way to move in that direction is through collecting harvest data during fishing season, which helps with the difficult job of in-season management. Listen now