Anna Rose MacArthur, KYUK - Bethel

Anna Rose MacArthur is a reporter at KYUK in Bethel.

Alaska Could Soon Supply Its Own Donor Human Breast Milk

Alaska could soon have a Human Breast Milk Bank. The Milk Bank would operate under the Alaska Blood Bank and supply the state with donor milk. The Blood Bank has submitted a proposal to their board and is awaiting a decision. KNOM’s Anna Rose MacArthur reports. Listen Now

Arctic Port Project Delayed Indeterminably

The release of the Arctic Deep Draft Port feasibility study has been put on hold, indeterminably. The Alaska U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had said the study would be issued for public review the first week of March. However, in a recent Joint Transportation Committee meeting, Lorraine Cordova, Project Technical Lead, said the entire port project is being pushed back a “few months.”

Admiral Ostebo Discusses Future of Port Clarence

The U.S. Coast Guard owns Port Clarence, and many entities want a piece of the property, but the Coast Guard intends to hold on to at least some of the real estate. Download Audio

Admiral Ostebo Outlines USCG’s Plans For Western Alaska

Coast Guard Admiral Thomas Ostebo visited Nome last week to outline summer plans for Western Alaska. The plans are part of the Coast Guard’s Alaska operation for the year, officially titled Arctic Shield 2014. Download Audio

US, Russia Drafting Voluntary Bering Strait Passage Regulations

Vessel traffic is increasing through the Bering Strait, and no regulations exist to monitor that movement. The United States Coast Guard wants to change that. Download Audio

Bering Sea Ice Sees 7-Year Expansion

While sea ice in the Arctic has been undergoing a seven-year decline, sea ice in the Bering Sea has been experiencing a seven-year expansion. Download Audio

Nome Completes Annual Bird Count

This weekend wraps up the 114th Christmas Bird Count. Around 50 communities in Alaska participated in the annual event, adding to decades of data collection. Nome completed its count at sundown on New Year’s Eve. Download Audio

Climate Change, Arctic Activity Expected To Multiply Pollutant Concentrations

Climate change and increased Arctic activity are projected to offset declines in toxic human emissions. A recent study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology predicts warmer temperatures will cause contaminants stored in the earth to re-emit back into the atmosphere. In addition, increases in Arctic vessel traffic and oil and gas drilling will multiply pollutant concentrations. Download Audio

Army Corps Of Engineers Discuss Deep Water Port Options

The Alaska Army Corp of Engineers met with Army corp leaders in Washington D.C. on Monday, to discuss where the Corp will construct a deep draft port in Western Alaska. Three sites on the Seward Peninsula are potential locations for a new deep water port. Download Audio

Savoonga Get Extra Bowhead Strike To Supplement Food Stores

The St. Lawrence Island community of Savoonga has received an additional bowhead strike from the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission. The allotment permits the community to go after one more whale this season. The community harvested two bowheads already this month. But with its current economic disaster and lack of walrus meat, Savoonga hopes another whale will bolster food stores this winter. Download Audio

Savoonga Whales Fulfill Musical Needs

Savoonga, a community on St. Lawrence Island, harvested two bowhead whales last week, both of them female. While the island is praising the immense intake of muktuk and meat amid an economic disaster, Theodore Kingeekuk, a drummer on the island, is celebrating another part of the anatomy — the uterus. Download Audio

Savoonga Harvests Second Whale

Amid an economic disaster and food shortage, Savoonga, a community on Saint Lawrence Island, harvested a 57-foot bowhead whale on Friday, the second whale for the community last week. Download Audio

Funerary Polar Bear Skulls May Be Returned To St. Lawrence Island

For over 80 years, hundreds of polar bear skulls from St. Lawrence Island have been sitting in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Now, under NAGPRA, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, the artifacts may be returning to the tribe that buried them. Download Audio

Powassan Virus On The Rise

A deadly virus transmitted by ticks is on the rise, and researchers are studying its prevalence in Alaska. The Center for Disease Control recently published a study on the Powassan virus in the Western United States and Siberia. Download Audio

Savoonga Lands 55-Foot Bowhead Whale

Half the community of Savoonga flocked to the beach Tuesday to help haul a 55-foot bowhead whale ashore. The meat is especially welcome in the village because of an economic crisis after a record low walrus harvest this fall. Download Audio