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Murkowski pays virtual visit to Haines as Biden approves major disaster declaration after landslides

The senator’s visit coincided with President Joe Biden’s approval of the major disaster declaration in Southeast Alaska.
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To protect her community, St. Paul mom isolated for 10 weeks before having twins in Anchorage

Alaska women who live in rural and remote communities usually travel to city centers to give birth against incredible geographical odds.
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‘Most mothers don’t have to deal with this’: COVID-19 makes medical travel for pregnant women even harder

Alaska women who live in rural and remote communities usually travel to city centers to give birth — against incredible geographical odds. And now, COVID-19 has made a hard trip even more daunting.
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Princess and Holland America cancel Alaska cruises through mid-May

The Centers for Disease Control still warns against sailing on cruise ships. But this season it will give local ports the authority to approve COVID-19 mitigation plans drawn up by individual cruise lines before they unload passengers.
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No COVID-19 outbreak in Haines after disaster, despite evacuations and less social distancing

Relief workers poured in from around the state to assist with the Dec. 2 landslide disaster, which led to fears of an outbreak of COVID-19 at the same time.
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Dunleavy budget proposes shutting down six DMV offices across Alaska

Gov. Dunleavy’s budget rolled out earlier this month proposes saving money but eliminating state jobs and lease expenses by shuttering six DMVs: Haines, Tok, Valdez, Eagle River, Homer and Delta Junction.
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Dogs in hotel and goats in the aviary: Haines’ pets get care during disaster

After record-breaking storms, flooding, and landslides, human residents weren't the only ones facing emergencies and evacuations in Haines this week.
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Closed for the past 18 months, Haines hotel opens for a community in need

Some 50 families have been displaced in Haines due to mudslides and evacuations. Every hotel in town was full over the weekend. Except for one: the 60-room Hotel Halsingland, closed for the last year and a half and currently on the market.
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‘Haines makes it happen’: At least one woman is back in her flooded home after outpouring of support

Edgar bought her home three years ago and typically has a few renters, but when the flooding hit, she was the only one living in the house — now with one chicken, the sole survivor of the storm, who she brought to live upstairs for safekeeping.
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In Haines, clean-up and search efforts happen in brief good-weather window

Search and rescue teams took off for their fourth day of looking for two missing residents, whose home was caught up in a 600-foot landslide on Wednesday.
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Dozens of Haines residents evacuated from their homes as rain and landslides continue

Dozens more homes in Haines were evacuated Thursday night as rain continued to saturate the mountainsides near residential neighborhoods.
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Search and rescue teams in Haines still hopeful they’ll find missing residents alive

Searchers continue to look Thursday for two people missing after a large landslide rumbled through a residential area on Beach Road in Haines Wednesday afternoon, destroying at least four houses.

Evacuations and several missing after rains prompt large landslide in Haines

The Haines Borough declared a weather emergency as heavy rains washed out roads throughout town, and landslides took out at least two homes.
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The US government wants everyone to avoid cruise travel during COVID-19 pandemic

The CDC issued its strongest recommendation against cruise ship travel, but it hasn't issued a ban as it did at the beginning of the pandemic.
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Bear charges boy outside his Haines home

A Haines family got their Halloween scare early this year when a large bear charged a young man all the way up to the family’s front porch. The incident is among the record number of bear interactions this season.
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Haines uses CARES funds to pay residents to shop locally

Shoppers who spend $300 locally are eligible for an extra $100.

COVID-19 almost sank the Haines bookstore. A local author’s national fans saved sales

Kane opened in March, a week before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down retailers for months.
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Fish runs and berries are down, bear break-ins in Southeast Alaska are way up

Some biologists think the trend is related to the reduced hunting pressure from Outside hunters this year.
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A Skagway newspaper owner was turned back at the Canadian border. Agents deemed her return home “non-essential”

When Canadian border agents deemed one Skagway News publisher’s trip back to Skagway non-essential, it left her operating a local paper… remotely. Gretchen Wehmhoff and Melinda Munson bought the Skagway News in March, not long...
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Mobile mammography truck will not visit Southeast this year

For many women, the traveling unit is the only time in a year they get breast exams.