Dan Bross, KUAC - Fairbanks

Dan Bross is a reporter at KUAC in Fairbanks.
glaciere in a snow-covered mountainn valley

Denali Park glacier surging 65 feet a day, threatening summit route

The Muldrow Glacier on the north side of Denali National Park is advancing at 100 times its normal rate.

UAF lands $9.3M grant to expand research at HAARP

McCoy says the five-year, $9.3 million grant from the National Science Foundation will enable the university to maintain the HAARP facility and expand operations.
Eight missing person's posters on a bulletin board.

Community-wide search planned for missing people in Fairbanks area

Fairbanks residents are planning a community-wide search this spring after a string of unsolved missing persons cases.

Denali National Park to allow private vehicles on park road again in 2021

Once again, the park will offer visitors the chance to drive a part of the Park Road normally closed to private vehicles

Experts question Dunleavy plan to expand snow machine, ATV use on roads

Already, about 25% of off-highway vehicle crashes occur on roads, a statistic that an expert fears could get much worse if a proposal goes through to expand access,
Three people in winter clothes stand in front of a buiulding wearing race bibs and alaska-shaped plaques

Buddy Streeper leads Canadian sweep of Open North American Championship sled dog race

Buddy Streeper of Fort Nelson, British Columbia won the 2021 Open North American Championships Sled Dog Race, Anny Malo of Saint Zenon, Quebec was second place and Erick Laforce of...
A pitpe under a car

Fairbanks thieves target catalytic converters

The converters can sell for thousands of dollars.
A vlacno with smoke coming out in the backgroud

Study: Temperature changes on volcano sides could predict eruptions years in advance

A University of Alaska Fairbanks scientist led development of a new technique to predict volcanic eruptions years in advance, using satellite imagery to track small changes in temperature on lands around the base of a volcano.
A bulletin board with several missing peersons papers

Scammers are targeting family members of missing Alaskans, troopers say

A nationwide scam is targeting family members of missing Alaskans. Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Austin McDaniel said scammers are searching social media posts to find relatives of missing people.
A crew of workers stand around a shipping container

Fairbanks designers testing shipping container kitchen-bathroom module for rural Alaska

The National Renewable Energy Lab's Cold Climate Housing Research Center in Fairbanks is working with the Native village of Unalakleet to build the prototype kitchen-bathroom module inside an 8-by-20-foot steel shipping container.
A man in a buffy blue jacket and a fur hat speaks on a winter street

Fairbanks leaders plead for answers after string of unsolved missing persons cases

Eight individuals, including five Alaska Native people who've gone missing in the Fairbanks area since last May remain unaccounted for.
A woman with short curly hair pets dogs that are surrounding her

Fairbanks woman remembered for moving hundreds of dogs from shelter to sleds

Carol Kleckner is credited with saving 500 sled dogs that otherwise might have been euthanized at Fairbanks shelters.
A white man sits on the stage floor with one arm around a stuffed tiger and the other holding a microphone

Alaska’s Dark Winter Nights podcast gets national recognition

Dark Winter Nights, a Fairbanks-based storytelling show, has been named one of New York Times top winter podcasts of 2021.
Two skiers in low light in mid winter next to short spruce trees

Agreement reached to restore Tolovana Hot Spring access near Fairbanks

Access to the Tolovana Hot Springs off the Elliot Highway north of Fairbanks has been restored, after its private operator agreed to pay for access use over local Native corporation land.
A flyer with a Missing Persons label and an image of an Alaska Native man

Four Alaska Native people missing after visiting Fairbanks in the fall

Searches continue for four Alaska Natives who have been missing after coming to Fairbanks in the Fall, but state officials say they don't believe the disappearances are related.
A man in a white parka waits for a pilot tot unload some bozes from a small plane

After low salmon year, supporters rally to get Yukon River mushers chow for winter

Dog food company Purina donated 39,000 pounds of food to Yukon River mushers who face a winter without enough salmon, usually their primary source of dog food.
Two skiers in low light in mid winter next to short spruce trees

Doyon cuts off access to Tolovana Hot Springs over litter, liability concerns

Doyon, the regional Native Corporation, said that it couldn't come to an agreement with the hot springs operator to limit
A red squirrel sits on a stump

Scientists suspect “Alaskapox” rash could be spread from small animals

The virus has only affected two people, both in Fairbanks.
A green school bus with shattered windows on a trailer bed with about six people standing in front of it wearing face coverings.

“Into The Wild” bus back in Fairbanks

Historic Bus 142 has returned to Fairbanks where it first served as part of the city's public transit system in the 1940s.
A grizzly bear walks on a river bank

Man fatally mauled by grizzly bear in Wrangell-St. Elias was 22-year-old Ohio moose hunter

A 22-year-old Ohio man was killed in the mauling, the first in the park since it was created in 1980.