Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau


The Alaska Office of Information Technology is going through the process of updating the state website, which means websites you could access last week may not be available now.

A citizen advisory committee has released a set of new recommendations that could shape the future of the Tongass National Forest.

Over the past three decades, pollock spawning times in the Gulf of Alaska have varied as much as three weeks, which is potentially deadly for baby fish. Now, new research confirms warmer ocean temperatures are playing a role.

“I can recall a time where we would have maybe one good freezing rain event a winter,” said Tom Grman. “And then several winters ago, those were really prevalent.”

It’s a growing national issue: A foam used to suppress oil fires can leach into the environment and contaminate groundwater. Listen now

Now, the real work to address climate change can start. But it’s hard to know what that might look like under new leadership. Listen now

The state of Alaska recognizes that climate change is happening. And rather than wait around for outside help, the 37 page document outlines the prospect of local solutions to mitigate the damage. Listen now

Tariffs will be placed on trees shipped to China: a response to President Donald Trump’s latest wave of tariffs on Chinese goods. Listen now

This season, it seems like more bears have been spotted around Juneau scavenging for food, and scientists think they know why. Listen now

The controversial initiative, which was announced in August, is up against a November deadline. Listen now

The governor’s office is requesting applications from Alaska Native regional corporations and tribes, local governments, environmental groups, and interests from tourism, mining, energy, timber and fishing. Listen now

The federal agency hopes to have a decision on Tongass road building by next year. Listen now

The Tongass Mist can fit up to six passengers. Next summer, it could give tourists a new way to experience an excursion on the water. Listen now

Establishing an Alaska green bank is one of the goals included in a draft policy, which is expected to be submitted to the governor next month. Listen now

“You got to look at the impacts on wildlife as well as people who live here,” said Mike Douville. Listen now

On Thursday, the U.S. Forest Service announced it signed an agreement with the state -- officially kicking off that process. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker’s Climate Action Leadership Team has been discussing a robust draft plan to tackle climate change. Listen now

The land right outside Rue’s house is fairly new. And there’s a geologic explanation for why the view has changed so much since his kids were small. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker’s Climate Action Task Force met Wednesday to discuss a draft document that could influence the state’s climate change policy in the future. Listen now

In the past three years or so, Brandon Ahmasuk says something strange has been opening its jaws to marine mammals in the Bering Sea. Listen now