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State releases new guide on medication assisted treatment

As more Alaskans seek treatment for opioid use disorder, the state is taking measures to ensure enough medical providers are there to help.

Activists take to social media as comment period for Roadless Rule draws to a close

As the final deadline for public comments on a proposal to exempt the Tongass National Forest from the Roadless Rule loomed, environmental groups increasingly tried to get the word out to encourage people to weigh-in.

Salmon returns are down in Metlakatla. These junior scientists are discovering possible reasons why.

Ocean temperatures were well above average for much of Alaska this year, spawning questions about how warm water and abnormally dry conditions could affect salmon returns. In Metlakatla, a group of young scientists are logging their own data to better understand the future they’re inheriting.

Dunleavy defends use of federal grant for Roadless Rule decision

While two Democratic members of Congress have requested an investigation into why some federal grant funds were used to pay an Alaska timber industry group, the state maintains it spent the money appropriately.

Metlakatla, which depends on water, has moved quickly to accommodate the realities of drought

Following a season of drought, the Southeast Alaska community of Metlakatla is navigating a different relationship with water, like a number of other places in the region.

Why was fire prevention funding used on the Roadless Rule process in Alaska? Congress members want to know.

A United States senator from Michigan and a representative from Arizona want an investigation into why federal dollars typically used to prevent wildfires were given to the State of Alaska to work on the Roadless Rule.

Forest Service kicks off Roadless Rule discussion in Juneau

People who attended the meeting had a lot of questions about the process.

A new inventory of old growth trees could be coming. Will it be too late?

A proposed exemption from the federal Roadless Rule means prohibitions on logging could be removed for millions of acres of old growth trees in the region.

Forest Service substantially weighed the ‘state’s preferences’ in Roadless Rule decision

A change in the federal rule could open up over 9 million acres in the nation’s largest national forest, though the federal agency says those lands “would not be scheduled or expected to be subject to timber harvests.”

Forest Service recommends lifting Roadless Rule for the Tongass

Alaska’s congressional delegation has long pushed for the full exemption in the state — saying there needs to be more access to timber and energy opportunities in the region.

A tiny insect is causing major tree damage in Southeast Alaska. Scientists hope it’s a blip.

Bug scientists think drought conditions played a major role in a recent hemlock sawfly outbreak.

Climate change is causing yellow cedar decline. But not enough for ESA listing.

So far, about a million acres of trees have died from Alaska to California. An Endangered Species Act listing would have made it difficult to log the tree.

Records show federal government, tasked with rewriting Tongass rules, also funded Alaska timber group

The State of Alaska was granted millions of dollars in federal funds to help facilitate dialogue about potential changes to the Roadless Rule. Some of that money went to timber industry groups — and environmentalists say that's not fair.

Alaska’s sales pitch: Vast resources and a melting Arctic

It was the first time the annual meeting has been held in the United States, and it offered a unique chance for the state to pitch itself as a great investment opportunity to wealth managers from across the globe.

Is the USDA now leaning toward a full exemption of the Roadless Rule in Alaska?

A national news story caused a stir this week, suggesting President Donald Trump has taken a special interest in how the Tongass will be managed.

Could climate change research in Alaska be put on ice?

The University of Alaska system is known as a leader in climate change research, studying melting permafrost to shrinking glaciers. But there’s growing uncertainty about the future of such projects with steep cuts to state funding.

How hospital ERs in Alaska are helping patients with opioid use disorder

A trip to the emergency room can be a crucial window to assist people in their recovery. Now some providers are giving patients a medicine to ease the transition so they can seek additional care. Recently, a hospital in Juneau completed one year of this program with encouraging results.

Alaska schools now have more guidance on how to teach science in the classroom

The Alaska State Board of Education unanimously approved new science standards on Friday, which are more detailed about topics like climate change and evolution than standards previously recommended for schools.

AK: Meet the Juneau couple who brush their teeth next to history

The Last Chance Mining Museum is celebrating 25 years of continuous operation. But for the Juneau couple who lives there, it’s been a permanent residence for longer than that.

This ice cream stand was constructed out of local wood. Here’s why that’s unique.

There are still questions about how to make the young growth timber industry viable in Southeast Alaska. But some customers are seeking out the material.