Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska's Energy Desk - Juneau


Governor Bill Walker’s Climate Action Task Force met Wednesday to discuss a draft document that could influence the state’s climate change policy in the future. Listen now

In the past three years or so, Brandon Ahmasuk says something strange has been opening its jaws to marine mammals in the Bering Sea. Listen now

Governor Bill Walker’s climate change task force has been working this summer to nail down some clear draft policy objectives. Listen now

In January, the two groups got together — in meetings moderated by the forest service — to hatch a plan to keep the hunting guides and small cruise ships from overlapping. Listen now

The competition wasn’t just about awarding the traditional food. The event organizer says it’s also about a history of cultural resilience that still resonates today. Listen now

One of Canada’s largest power companies is another step closer to acquiring electric utilities in the Pacific Northwest, including one in Juneau. Listen now

The agency received zero offers on the Kuiu Island timber sale before its closing deadline on Tuesday. Listen now

The neighborhood can’t seem to agree: As the erosion gets worse, who should pay for it? Listen now

The U.S. Forest Service removed some of the more sensitive watershed areas included in the original Kuiu Island sale, which received zero bids back in 2016. Listen now

The forest service received zero bids on the timber sale in 2016. Earlier this month, it went out for bid again. Listen now

As tourism increases and federal budgets shrink, a permitting backlog at the U.S. Forest Service has been growing. Listen now

The $8 million could go towards investments in electric vehicle infrastructure or upgrades to diesel-powered transportation. Listen now

On a recent camping trip, a Gustavus man realized that wolves weren’t just eating deer at a beloved hunting spot. One notorious marine predator appears to be becoming the prey. Listen now

The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center is preparing for a future that includes more tourists and a melting attraction. Listen now

Tyre Lanier visited Alaska a few decades ago to encourage fisheries to make an in-demand seafood product. Now he’s back with a way to improve it. Listen now

Joel Clement resigned in October after being ousted from his position working on issues like coastal resilience and village relocation in Alaska. Listen now

Southeast’s regional Native corporation is using some of its lands for carbon sequestration. It’s the first carbon bank in the state to be approved for the California cap-and-trade market. Listen now

Typically, cholera is associated with tropical destinations. But recently, the bacteria that can cause the disease was found in subsistence herring eggs in British Columbia. Listen now

As the Bering Strait becomes more accessible, the mayor of Nome says there’s an upside to less sea ice. Listen now

New science standards being considered don’t shy away from attributing it to an increase of human activity. But how that’s taught in the classroom could be up to interpretation. Listen now