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Person holding white cardboard box

Ketchikan’s first COVID-19 vaccine shipment was too warm and had spoiled, officials say

Ketchikan’s first batch of the COVID-19 vaccine was spoiled and couldn’t be used. But replacements have already arrived.
A blocky building on a hillside street

Metlakatla man charged with first-degree murder after allegedly killing neighbor

After a Metlakatla man in his sixties died over the weekend, a 36-year-old man was jailed Saturday. Prosecutors said he’s admitted the crime.
A house with blue and red Tlingit designs painted on the side

Metlakatla locks down after officials announce first two local cases of COVID-19

Metlakatla avoided the coronavirus for nearly eight months. But that streak ended Thursday when an unnamed resident tested positive, prompting a 72-hour lockdown.
A weathered greyissh tugboat on the sandy beach with mountains in the background

Plan approved to sink the Lumberman, Juneau’s troublesome tug

The World War II-vintage tugboat has been a fixture on Gastineau Channel and became a jurisdictional tug-of-war between city, state and Coast Guard officials after it broke its anchor line on state tidelands more than two years ago.
A forest floor

Alaskans react to Trump Administration’s Roadless Rule rollback in the Tongass

Proponents of the change say that the industry is at risk of disappearing, while environmentalists and Indigenous tribes say that logging threatens the ecosystem.
A wet road with a pile of mud and trees blocking it

Heavy rains in Southeast Alaska block key roads on Prince of Wales Island

Heavy rains toppled trees and buried roads on Prince of Wales Island Monday. Local and state transportation crews are responding to at least seven landslides blocking roads on the Southeast Alaska island.
A pink blocky, two story building next to a sprucy hillside

Ketchikan assembly passes pro-police resolution seen as ‘backlash’ to LGBTQ rights measure

The mayor cross-examined public testifiers in the unusual hearing on the resolution at the Ketchikan Borough Assembly.
Supporters wave signs on a bridge on a sunny day. Many are wearing tie dyed shirts and rainbow colors.

Ketchikan assembly asks state for LGBTQ protections after overriding mayor’s veto

In a nonbinding resolution, the borough assembly asked for state protections for sexual orientation and gender identity, as the city's resolution doesn't necessarily apply to outlying areas.
A woman in a blue suit coat holds her lapels. She hsas brown hair. She is standing on a deck with railings and wooden buildings in the background

Bring home troops, sell federal lands: Libertarian presidential candidate pitches vision to Alaskans

Jorgensen pitched unorthodox ideas for dealing with pollution and managing federal lands.
Rain falls in town next to a wooden sign that says "creek Street"

‘Merciless’ rain in Southeast Alaska breaks records, dampens spirits

Ketchikan recorded 47 inches of rain from June to August.

It’s official: Alaska won’t see any large cruise ships this year

Carnival and Royal Caribbean already announced that they wouldn't be sailing to Alaska.

Ketchikan officials warn of potential ‘wide community spread’ of COVID-19 after traveler broke quarantine

A COVID-infected visitor did not follow quarantine requirements after arriving in the community.

Crowds turn out to protest outside Ketchikan shop that reportedly refused service for same-sex wedding

More than 100 people showed up to the "demonstration of love" outside of the flower shop. The owners of the shop declined to comment on the advice of their lawyer.

Your questions about the travel quarantine and testing for travelers, answered

The state health mandate that requires a 14-day quarantine for people who arrive from out-of-state is set to expire Friday. After that, visitors and Alaskans returning to the state will be asked to take a test within 72 hours of boarding an Alaska-bound flight.

‘I’ve gone through it’: Ketchikan man eyes Dan Sullivan’s U.S. Senate seat

Chris Cumings isn't a traditional candidate, but he says that's why he's running.

Southeast ports trying to determine if — and how — small ships can safely visit during pandemic

The Alaska Municipal League is asking for a moratorium on cruise ship arrivals until mutually agreed-upon protocols can be established.

After 2019 rate hike, Dunleavy signs bill to ease Pioneer Home pricing

The new bill would slow rate increases to match inflation instead of instituting a one-time price hike.

Carnival Cruise Line cancels all Alaska 2020 sailings

The news brings the estimated loss of 2020 passengers to about 70% of what was expected.

Ketchikan’s distance learning program was ready to scale up. So why did the state go with Florida’s?

Education officials in Alaska were surprised when the Dunleavy administration announced a one-year, $525,000 contract with an out-of-state digital school offering similar services to the Alaska Digital Academy.

Ketchikan’s rec center was supposed to house homeless during pandemic. An early re-opening has critics worried.

Ketchikan officials want to reopen the rec center as soon as possible in order to provide physical wellness opportunities for residents, but homelessness advocates worry that closing the shelter early could risk spreading the coronavirus.