Greg Kim, KYUK - Bethel

A dozen redish blond chiecken inside a pen

Chicken ‘massacre’ in Bethel leaves carnage, and coop keepers say they have a suspect

Chicken keepers in Bethel suspect a mustelid murderer has been killing the defenseless poultry for sport.
Empty swings in front of a school on a winter day

Former Bethel elementary principal Chris Carmichael pleads guilty to federal charges

Carmichael pleading guilty to federal charges of attempted coercion and enticement of a minor, which could include at least ten years in prison.
A health worker in a blue gown swabs travelers waiting in line outside the bethel airport

With emergency declaration set to end, Bethel leaders fear airport testing program could be shut down

In a private conversation Bethel Mayor Michelle DeWitt urged Gov. Mike Dunleavy to extend the disaster declaration so that the city could keep testing arriving passengers, as a surge in COVID-19 cases rocks the region.
A village as seen from a marsh below it

Amid raging COVID-19 outbreak, most Y-K villages give up privacy for safety

The state of Alaska doesn't release the names of villages with a population under 1000, but regional health authorities hope that naming the villages will help encourage people to take more precautions.
A log building with a snow field in front

All but one Y-K Delta school district move to remote learning

The Kuspuk School District chose to continue in-person learning.
A hand with a blue glove drops a test tube in a ziploc bag held by two green hands.

Amid COVID-19 surge in Y-K Delta, health officials call for lockdowns, school closures

Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation is recommending that 19 villages in the region enter lockdown and that all schools close their doors to in-person classes.
Chevak, AK. (Flickr Creative Commons photo)

180 Chevak residents have been newly infected with COVID-19. What happened?

Last week, the village has announced over 180 new cases of COVID-19, about 20% of the population.

State reports five COVID-19 infections at Bethel Youth Facility

Four Bethel Youth Facility staff and one youth were infected with the virus as the region records record-high case counts.
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After Mertarvik primary election troubles, officials work to regain trust

Officials say the issues that led to an entire village not receiving ballots won't happen again.
A blue house next to a gravel road. A four wheeler is parked out fronot

Quinhagak reports 20 new cases of COVID-19

The community has about 700 people.
Next filled with salmon filled up on the grassy bank of a river

Community bands together to help Newtok families who lost food in power outage

Much of the villages supply of subsistence catch was ruined after a month-long power outage.
A strip of river next to green land and neatly-arranged houses.

Mertarvik residents didn’t get primary ballots. The state says it didn’t know people lived there.

Materials for voting never arrived in Newtok, a sister village, from where absentee ballots were supposed to be taken to Mertarvik.
A man in a blue hospital gown and a blue surgical mask passes a swab to a man in a blue hoody from across the table

Flying to Bethel? You could win $1,000 if you get tested for COVID-19

But the number of passengers getting tested at the airport hasn’t changed.
A red SUV with a label of "Kusko" ono the top waits below some power lines on a snowy/icy street

Bethel cab drivers get unwanted duty of enforcing testing mandate

Cab drivers say having to enforce a mandate to unwilling customers puts them in an awkward position.
A green school with metal siding and a walkway leading to the front door.

In wake of scandals, Y-K school district revamps protocols for sexually inappropriate behavior

The policy proposals identify specific examples of what “sexual grooming” behavior is, and it spells out how the district should respond to reports of such behavior, following the arrest in 2019 of a Bethel school principal on charges of sexual abuse.
The Ninglik River shoreline is mere feet from houses in Newtok on July 26, 2019. As Newtok residents await relocation, the infrastructure erodes as quickly as the land. (Photo by Katie Basile, KYUK - Bethel)

3-week power outage in Newtok leads to spoiled meat in freezers

Families have seen a summer's worth of subsistence catches go to waste.
A musher in a big parka races down a river with some dead grass on the river bank in the background.

Kuskokwim 300 sled dog race is still on

But there will be some changes to the Bethel-based race that has grown in popularity in recent years.
A dumpster with Black Lives Matter ppaitned on the front in white letters

‘Black Lives Matter’ dumpster next to Bethel City Hall is causing a stir

Last week, someone crossed out the words 'Black Lives Matter' with spray paint.
A man in a blue hospital gown and a blue surgical mask passes a swab to a man in a blue hoody from across the table

Bethel mandates face masks in public and airport testing

The move follows discussions about the city's legal authority to enforce such mandates.