Jeremy Hsieh, KTOO - Juneau

Jeremy Hsieh is the deputy managing editor of the KTOO newsroom in Juneau. He’s a podcast fiend who’s worked in journalism since high school as a reporter, editor and television producer. He ran Gavel Alaska for 360 North from 2011 to 2016, and is big on experimenting with novel tools and mediums (including the occasional animated gif) to tell stories and demystify the news. Jeremy’s an East Coast transplant who moved to Juneau in 2008.

FiveThirtyEight podcaster rescued off Mount Roberts trail

Jody Avirgan, a podcast host for the political analysis website FiveThirtyEight, is vacationing in Juneau this week – but it went awry Wednesday night.

Trending: #FirstSevenJobs started with Juneau musician Marian Call

Juneau singer-songwriter Marian Call has gone internet-famous again, this time with the Twitter hashtag #FirstSevenJobs.

Kiehl proposes ordinance to outlaw LGBT discrimination in Juneau

As an openly gay man who doesn't identify with any religion, you’d think Matt Magnusson would have a minefield of identity politics to navigate working for Catholic Community Service. Download Audio

Woman dies in boating accident near Elfin Cove

An Elfin Cove woman is dead after a small boat struck a piling near the community late Wednesday night.

After seemingly random downtown violence, Juneau residents plead for action

Six people at Monday’s Juneau Assembly meeting pleaded for recognition and help with public safety problems downtown, including one of the latest victims of seemingly random street violence.

Weather service reports possible jökulhlaup on Taku River

The National Weather Service is reporting rising water levels on the Taku River south of Juneau, which may be caused by dammed water being released from the Tulsequah Glacier.

House and Senate negotiators complete budget proposal

Late on Memorial Day, House and Senate negotiators completed their conference committee work on a proposed state operating budget. They were 26 hours ahead of a still looming deadline.

Senate adopts austere capital budget

The Alaska Senate passed the state’s $1.6 billion capital budget on Saturday. The big-ticket spending plan now goes to the House for consideration. Download Audio

Era Helicopters identifies pilot injured in Norris Glacier crash

Era Helicopters has identified its pilot who was critically injured in Thursday’s crash at Norris Glacier near Juneau as Jiri Hanis.

Coast Guard: Pilot injured in Era helicopter crash at Norris Glacier

The Coast Guard is reporting that a helicopter has crashed near the Norris Glacier and the pilot, who was the only person on board, is injured.

Juneau PD: Intoxicated driver rams Governor’s Mansion

Juneau police arrested a man late Thursday night for driving while intoxicated after finding him and a dog in a vehicle stuck in construction fencing at the Capitol. Download Audio

Ken Koelsch wins Juneau mayor’s seat

Ken Koelsch will be Juneau’s new mayor. Unofficial results from Tuesday’s special election show Juneau voters backed Koelsch with 59 percent of the vote. Download Audio

Shooting outside Dimond Courthouse leaves one woman dead

A gunshot that rang outside the Dimond Courthouse late this morning has left one woman dead and rattled nerves in the heart of the Capitol City.

Memorial services for Rep. Gruenberg set for Sunday and Thursday

Memorial services are set in Juneau and Anchorage for longtime Alaska lawmaker Max Gruenberg.

Juneau police make arrest for 2014 Kenney murder

Juneau Police Chief Bryce Johnson says the department has arrested a suspect in the November 2014 stabbing death of Christopher Kenney. Police have arrested 28-year-old Nora Edith Thomas, who was Kenney’s live-in girlfriend in Juneau at the time of his death. She’s accused of second degree murder.

Rep. Kito prefiles bill to revert to 120-day legislative session

Rep. Sam Kito III wants to repeal the ballot measure that tried to cut the Alaska Legislature’s annual session to down from 120 days to 90. Download Audio

On the edge: Shedding light on Juneau murder victim Robbie Meireis

Robert Meireis had a tough life that included a history of violence, years in prison, even tattoos tying him to white supremacist groups. He lived a violent life on the edge of society. That he met a violent end in a double murder discovered last month in West Juneau wasn’t necessarily a surprise to some people who knew him. And yet, he also had people that cared about him and were stunned when the news broke.

Juneau loses boundary appeal to Petersburg

The Alaska Supreme Court has settled a boundary dispute between Juneau and Petersburg affecting about 1,500 square miles of Southeast. Under the decision the court issued Friday, Petersburg Borough boundaries will stand as they are, now that Juneau has lost its last legal challenge on the matter. Download Audio

Juneau loses boundary dispute to Petersburg

The Petersburg Borough's boundaries will stand as they are, now that Juneau has lost its last legal challenge on the matter.