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Anchorage epidemiologist Janet Johnston resigns

Johnston’s resignation comes at a key moment for city government, as a new mayor, Dave Bronson, was sworn in last month.
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Troopers: 2 people killed in Chugach plane crash

The wreckage was found in a steep, mountainous area of Eagle River Valley in Chugach State Park. Recovery efforts were underway throughout the day Tuesday.
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‘Utterly confusing’ campaign reporting leads to $52,650 fine recommendation for Bronson campaign

The Bronson campaign's finance reports were not "even close to compliant" until the day of the run-off election, according to staff from the Alaska Public Offices Commission.
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Seward’s Lydia Jacoby cruises through Olympic semifinal

Lydia Jacoby, 17 from Seward, cruised through her Olympic semi-final, winning her heat and posting the third-fastest time of the day in the women's 100-meter breaststroke. 
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Administration, Assembly say a compromise is possible on shelter plan

Downtown assembly member Chris Constant said he’s working with two other assembly members and the Bronson administration to form a task force to look into boosting shelter capacity, but officials face the looming winter season and complications from the delta variant of COVID-19.
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Here’s how to watch Alaska’s Olympians

Fans will be able to watch Seward swimmer Lydia Jacoby and Eagle River rugby player Alev Kelter, in their respective competitions on TV or online next week, but they may have to stay up late -- or get up early to catch the action live.
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At Sullivan Arena ministry, clients find faith and comfort through hard times

A weekly Bible Study and ministry at the Sullivan Arena is taught by a man who was slept on a cot on the arena floor a year ago.
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Rain should clear Siberian wildfire haze hanging over Alaska

The smoke is expected to clear by Tuesday when a storm rolls into Southcentral Alaska.
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What happened to the Bronson shelter plan in Anchorage and what happens next? Here’s what we know.

Why did a planned shelter pushed by a conservative administration get quashed by the mayor's ideological allies? And what will happen to the 400 people currently staying at the emergency shelter at the Sullivan Arena this winter?
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Anchorage Assembly quashes Bronson homeless shelter plan

The assembly decision is a major setback for the administration, which pushed the proposal as a humane and cost-effective way to shelter homeless Anchorage residents.
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Anchorage loses $440,000 on canceled Alaska Club purchase

The city of Anchorage lost $440,000 after it entered into a now-canceled deal to purchase a former Alaska Club building to use as a homeless shelter.
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Two of Alaska’s largest employers institute COVID vaccine requirement

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium on June 30, 2021. (Lex Treinen/Alaska Public Media) Two of Alaska’s largest employers will require all staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19...
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Bronson won’t consider former Alaska Club building for Anchorage homeless shelter

The decision throws a wrench in the Anchorage assembly’s push to have smaller shelters dispersed around town. Meanwhile the Bronson administration is pushing forward with its plan to build a larger shelter on Tudor and Elmore roads.
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Here’s what we know about the new Anchorage mayor’s plan for a massive homeless shelter

Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson’s proposal to build a massive, temporary structure to shelter homeless people and get them connected with services has drawn mixed reactions from the public and assembly members. Here’s what we know so far about the proposal, the controversy, and its prospects.
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Bronson issues directives on guns, COVID rules for city employees, finances

A new mayor took the reins of Alaska’s largest city on Thursday. Dave Bronson was officially sworn in at a breakfast ceremony at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Anchorage.
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Alaska Black Caucus to use COVID-19 money to analyze health status of Black Alaskans

The Alaska Black Caucus says it will use a $1.15 million grant earmarked from the federal government for COVID-19 vaccine and testing to create the first-ever statewide report on health status of Black Alaskans.
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Anchorage Mayor-elect Bronson names executive committee, led by established conservatives

Former Lieutenant Governor Craig Campbell will be chief of staff and former Assemblywoman Amy Demboski will be the municipal manager, Anchorage's mayor-elect Dave Bronson announced Monday.
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Community remembers Jaclyn Welcome, and raises awareness about homelessness

Several dozen mourners gathered in a park in Anchorage Sunday evening to remember Jaclyn Welcome, a 37-year-old woman who was fatally shot on June 20.
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Girdwood housing market reaches ‘crisis’ level, forcing locals out

The pandemic has exacerbated the mountain town's already tight market by bringing more remote workers into town. At the same time, construction materials and labor costs are skyrocketing.
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Charges: Anchorage man argued with homeless people before returning and opening fire

21-year-old Anthony Lee Herring is charged with killing 37-year-old Jaclyn Welcome, in the early hours of Saturday morning. The shooting also left 4 people seriously injured.