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A person at a window counter

Alaska courts disconnect online services after cyberattack

Court filings, court record searches, and payments of fines aren’t currently accessible online, and online court hearings scheduled over the next few days will take place over the phone.
A Mexican woman smiles in front of her expresso machine

Entrepreneur finds community and success bringing Latin American flavors to Anchorage coffee scene

Estrella Elizabeth Rodriguez-Northcutt is finding success serving Horchata lattes, cafe de olla, and Jamaica, a hibiscus tea. She says she's already converted a few customers who used to prefer their coffee black.
A woman in a mask in front of a glass door

Sister’s COVID illness inspires Anchorage woman’s effort to get Hmong community vaccinated

As details were falling into place for Anchorage's first vaccine clinic targeting the Hmong community, May Ramirez-Xiong sister was hospitalized with COVID-19, inspiring Ramirez-Xiong and others to redouble their efforts to get the community vaccinated.
A concrete sign with the words "Anchorage Correctional Complex_

Alaska prisons to open for visitation, regardless of vaccination status

There are still limitations with the new policy: physical contact isn’t allowed and most prisons are limiting the amount of time inmates can see visitors.
A snowy city street in downtown Anchorage.

2020 Census shows Alaska population growth slower than national average

Alaska's growth rate was less than half of the national rate of 7.4% since 2010.
A woman and her son hold a phone with a photo of a dog

Anchorage dog dies in trap on Glenn Highway, reigniting debate about regulations

A 13-year-old Anchorage teenager's dog was killed in a legally-set Conibear 330 trap off the Glenn Highway. Some say the incident shows the need for more regulation of the deadly traps, but trappers fear it could squeeze out their trade.
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Anchorage’s small international eateries, used to take-out, found a growing market in the pandemic

Smaller, family-owned eateries have done better than established fine-dining restaurants, adapting quickly to social media marketing and online ordering for take-out.
A man holding a book touches his head to the carpet

After a year of pandemic isolation, Anchorage Muslims return to mosque for Ramadan

After last year's celebrations were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting back into the mosque for Islam's Holy month is extra special for Anchorage's Muslims.
Ravens in the sky fly towards a warehousey building

‘It was like they had a plan’: Costco customers share experiences of raven thefts

Costco customers in Anchorage have recently started sharing online reports of ravens stealing groceries from their carts and the back of their pickup trucks, and biologists say the behavior could spread around town quickly.
A man holds a dog in front of a christmas tree

Bill would give juveniles with long prison sentences a chance at parole

The bill would affect fewer than 30 inmates in Alaska's prison system by offering them a chance at parole after 15 years of incarceration. But critics call it a circumvention of justice.
A black woman get vaccinated in her arm by a Hawaiian nurse

One small vaccine clinic at a time, Anchorage is bringing vaccines to underserved populations

The city is bringing vaccine to churches, community centers, and sports arenas with an aim to fill up appointments that are becoming increasingly difficult to fill.
Vials of vaccine on a table

Despite rising vaccination numbers, health experts fear fourth wave of COVID-19 in Anchorage

Last Monday, Anchorage reported 112 coronavirus cases, its highest daily case count since January.
a person holds a Covid-19 vaccination record card

After 9 months, Anchorage eases mask mandate

Under a modified emergency order, fully vaccinated, Anchorage residents who work in separate rooms from unvaccinated coworkers or customers no longer need to wear face coverings.
A sign over the point mackenzie farm

Alaska prisons remain closed to visitors as mistrust undermines vaccination effort

With COVID-19 infections - as well as misinformation about the disease - still running rampant in surrounding communities, it's not clear when prisons will reach a level of immunity where it's safe to reopen.
Hockey players

Anchorage announces new Junior hockey team

The Anchorage Wolverines will join two other Alaska teams in the North American Hockey League, one of the top-tier junior leagues in the continent.
A person in a yellow suit marked LCCC prisoner as seen from behind

‘It is a big deal’: Alaska’s prisons to resume attorney visits, with restrictions

Since last March, prisoners have been relying on phone calls from their lawyers to discuss case updates and prepare for hearings.
Two men in winter clothes stand in deep snow

Troopers, Iditarod volunteer help rescue child who fell through ice in Skwentna

An Iditarod volunteer from Wyoming and two state wildlife troopers in Skwentna rescued an 8-year-old boy who had fallen through the river ice at the Iditarod checkpoint on Tuesday.
A white man in a tie stands in front of some flags

Top US and China diplomats to meet in Anchorage

It's the first bilateral meetings between the two superpowers, and Sen. Dan Sullivan said the venue was a nod to Alaska's strategic location between Asia and the United States.
A man's hand holds a tray of food that is on a converyor belt going into a machine

Anchorage’s largest soup kitchen pivots to packaged meal service, with long-lasting effects

Bean's Cafe is moving to pre-packaged meals in order to avoid large gatherings for mealtimes, and to provide clients flexibility to look for work throughout the day.
a nurse administers a vaccine to a patient

Alaska expands vaccine eligibility to age 55 plus, ‘essential workers’ and others

Phase 1c eligibility opens vaccine to those who live in multigenerational homes or in communities with limited running water or sewage system. It also opens vaccines to those deemed “essential workers."